Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spreading The Joy

I am one tired but happy critter today.

 Congress passed the repeal of DADT with a sizable majority.

And one of my best friends, Anne, got engaged last night.

This makes 3 friends in the last year who have said yes to love.

All 3 have been divorced, 2 are in their 50's, one is in her 30's.  So much for that study telling women if you're not married by the time you're 35 you can forget about it.

GG's sister Tini, is one of the three.  We first met Nirmal at our annual 4th of July party.  They both came early and  worked like fiends helping us set up in the sweltering heat. We knew he was a keeper.  He made 3 store runs.  And helped do the dishes.  It was love at first store run for us.

Now they will be married in India on February 9th, 2011 at 11:00am.  An auspicious day and time.

We have just had a visit from our newly engaged couple.  Anne's a green eyed redhead  who now sports a deep green emerald ring.  But their evident happiness sparkles even brighter.

I feel so lucky to live in a world where so many wonderful things can happen in a day.

Really makes me want to get up in the morning and see what tomorrow will bring.


  1. What a fun picture...looks like floating bubbles!
    I feel lucky too...let's shoot for great things tomorrow! :)
    and I am very proud about the repeal - finally.

  2. what a nice story.
    i am over 50
    and i don't see love 'in the cards' for me.
    and that is very definitely
    okay with me.
    i have become accustomed to flying solo.

    i am so happy for your friends.
    it would make me so happy to see a good friend of mine hooked up,
    and happy.

    merry xmas love and hugs

  3. What a lovely happy story and such a beautiful ring.
    My Father was 70 odd when he married for the third time!
    2 wonderfully happy marriages for him, one not so brilliant. He just happened to outlive all of them!!!!
    So hope out there for everyone. xx

  4. Aaaah that is lovely - so pleased for them. And what a gorgeous ring too. Happiness is contagious. X

  5. Sarah, Congressionally speaking, this is looking like years end might be better that I feared.
    It's Sunday morning, let's live it up!

    Gwen, That was some emotional day at work, huh? And that is one beautiful ring our girl is wearing.

    Renee, I didn't expect to feel such a welling up of happiness and gratitude and warmth at the news. But Anne is such a loving person and was so happy with her single life it has come as a big wonderful shock to all of her loving friends.

    Julienne, Indeed hope for all. this is the best Christmas ever.

    Sarah, Yes it is. I'm feeling all happy again just responding to these comments and thinking about my friends. Big smile on my face the Sunday morning.

  6. hi janie,

    i've been mia from the blog world and wanted to come out of hiding and say hi. i'm always cheered here and today is no exception. you have a beautiful life and always recognize it which is really a gift. thanks.

    your friend in cali


  7. Love your picture, Jane. It looks like how things appear to me without my glasses. . .

    Yes, hurrah for the repeal of DADT, but boo hiss on the DREAM Act. Doesn't it feel like two steps forward and one step back sometimes?

  8. 17 years too late on DADT, but at least it finally happened. Seems like the lame ducks finally found some spine! Maybe they'll pull off a couple more tricks in the next 30 days. One can hope.

  9. Sue, dammit I guess I am.

    Janet,wasn't I just thinking about you this morning and hoping all was well. Glad you stopped by, been missing you.

    Karen, I didn't know about the Dream Act till you mentioned it. Too much time at work. What a bloody shame. unfortunately I know people who will be shattered by this. It was a brilliant piece of legislature, how could they vote it down?

    Webb, Oh God, how I'm hoping.

  10. I love a bit of color in an engagement ring!
    So do you get to go to India? xo

  11. What a wonderful, happy day! Yay on the repeal of DADT (mixed with disappointment on the Dream Act), and so much joy for all of your friends and loved ones!

  12. Should know, but would be interested to find out what the DADT snf Dream Act are. Very glad that so much happiness is surrounding you on all sides - and that you are drinking it in! xx

  13. snf???? should read 'and' - fingers have a mind of their own!

  14. You are lovely. I always enjoy checking in and seeing what you're up to.
    Happy new year dearest.