Monday, December 13, 2010

Rocking The Christmas Tree

It's up.  It was drama free. We kept the crowd at bay this year and decorated in secret, keeping our shades down so no one was drawn in by the magic.

Learning (somewhat) from last years disaster we decided to put the tree in a large crock we had sitting about.  GG cut about 15" of branches from the bottom of the tree giving us a long trunk.  She anchored this in the crock with pavers and we filled in the spaces with river rocks.  It stood, proudly.  We held our breathe and poured in water, it held.  If it was up to us, we probably would leave it just like this, green and fragrant.  But we have traditions  And they involve friends and shiny objects.

Our friend Blaise arrived at 4:00 and started wrapping the tree in lights.  By the time Beth hit the door, we were ready for ornaments.  When Anne and John came at 7:00 they had time for a drink and then dinner was served.  By 10:00 everyone was out the door and we were alone with a clean kitchen, some new Christmas tunes and a beautifully decorated little tree.

In closing: A link to my favorite Christmas song...


  1. Beautiful! Love your tradition and the fact that your kitchen was done when everyone left. I always spend the rest of the evening up to my elbows in suds!

    Would love to see more of your house, yes?


  2. What a wonderful Christmas tradition - it sounds like the perfect night! Your tree is beautiful and I LOVE how you put it in a crock -I have so many, why didn't I think of that!
    Trees you can enjoy ~
    xo sarah

  3. Jane, that last pic could be a card, or painting or something, it is absolutely stunning, sort of Parisian, I'm not sure...I just love it!

    The tree is a triumph and are those light-up pears on the tree, if they are I may be going down with a dose of light-up pear envy!!

  4. Hi Jane,

    I believe this is the first time I saw pictures of your living room in full. It looks very prett! Love the light blue wall. The tree makes it perfect. A clever idea to put it in the crock. We have a cross underneath it, but it's still a bit shaky. I hope we won't have a crash like last year :-)!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. That's such a pretty little tree - and you would have been very much a la mode if you had left it bare - see here for something controversial:

  6. Sue, Tradition dictates guests help clean it. I didn't start it but I love it. More pics of house to come, but it is a small house...

    Sarah, I know, the crock idea was a bolt of brilliance. And it looks so happy growing in it.
    we are enjoying and breathing regularly!

    Belinda, GG took the after shots, and I love the last one too.

    Pears do not light up but sure are lit up. kinds

    Madelief, Thank you. managed to crop out the cat clawed bits of the sofa. We painted the living room in January so were looking forward to seeing the tree against the blue. It is dreamy.

    Rachel, Going to check out link immediately. Will we be seeing photos of your mantle?

  7. jane this is beeeeeautiful. i love it intensely.


  8. Jane,
    Such a pretty tree! I loved the story about last year, but glad it didn't happen this year!

  9. It's a perfect little tree! So like all those of childhood. And, I love the print on the wing chair. Hope the holidays keep getting brighter and brighter.

  10. Very pretty, what a lovely way to do it. UK daughter has been the push behind our trees for many years now and without her here it's not quite the same.
    Love your table, have we seen that before? In fact your living room looks like a place I should like to visit. xx

  11. Denise, It's still standing, yeah,yeah,yeah.

    Janet, muchas gracias.

    Karin, we are too. I think we all held our breath the whole evening.

    Webb, Thank you, yours too. Now if i ever buy any presents will you come and wrap them for me?

    Julienne, I would love to have you visit. There would be a whole lotta talking going on. I've had the table for about 20 years, I had some men at our flea market make it for me. i didn't know what it would look like till it was done. Luckily they took the wish right out of my head.

  12. I love the crock and rocks. What a cool idea from the same old, same old, tree stand.

    But no tree here as it would be demolished by three very elderly cats in three seconds (it used to take them a half second, but they are slowing down a tad).

  13. love it... such a great idea...
    and thanks for all the tips... and funny thing is, i was going to start a cleanse with my friend today... guess i dont need that... but would rather...
    miss you sweet friend... thks for the kind visit... wishing you a wonderful holiday season... xx

  14. It's lovely and Christmasy and perfect!

  15. Karen, really?
    The cats pull it down? Ours just moves in and lives there. Scary to add water though...

    Red Ticking, Wishing you right back and hoping you are getting better by the second.

    Sara Louise, Merci, Christmasy and we ate cheese!

  16. Beautiful tree Jane and see, GG to the rescue again cutting off the bottom branches. Brains and beauty! Love the dex - so pretty and nice you had a decorating party too. And I love your coffee table too btw! x

  17. Some day, I will come visit you. Your gatherings always sound just so warm and cozy and laid-back... Good food, good company, and a welcoming home... It doesn't get any better than that! But of course you know that.