Sunday, December 12, 2010

With A Little Bit Of Blooming Luck

Until today only a few fragrant vases of pine and an occasional rose have decorated our house for Christmas.

Not a bauble, not a flicker of light, not a glimmer of glitter.

But today the tree goes up, and with any luck it stays up.

You probably didn't know us last year so take a peek at our tree trimming adventure Christmas 2009.

Then keep your fingers crossed.


  1. We're also putting up the tree today, in the jumbo pot, with lots of rocks. I now have hooks permanently screwed into the wall in "the tree spot" to tie the tree to.

    Just in case.

  2. Post some pics when it's all done!


  3. I hope you are using stand versus vase this year. Be careful. Have fun! I've added a pine branch resting in water-filled milk bottle to my decor. It's quite charming.

  4. hi jane,

    i do remember last year. good luck.

    i too am finally getting around to christmas decorating today. we'll compare notes later.


  5. Fingers & toes crossed! Sending you much holiday cheer. Your photo is perfection.

    : D Deb

  6. I love the idea of just pine in a vase.....

    No tree for me any more; I go all out on a mantelpiece, lots of candles, and that's about it. Christmas is getting simpler and simpler!

  7. Our tree has just gone up today too - only 2 baubles got broken which is a record low yeah! Hope yours remains accident-free!! Read last years entry - yikes, there's nothing quite like Christmas!!

  8. Hope all went well today. Last year you definitely needed more wine!

  9. Sprout, Success! Hope yours went well.

    Sue, I will. Where are your pics? i know your tree is up!

    Janet, Done and done! Happy Holidays.

    Deb, thank you , you may uncross now, it worked!

    Rachel, hours later: that sounds heavenly. first i need a mantle....

    Belinda, Only one broken here, it's hardly Christmas. Hope to see yours soon. tomorrow?

    Webb, Successful. Whew. Still waiting for shoe or tree to fall.

  10. Denise, Tree stand? No way, I live on the edge.
    Pine branch, perfect,yes?

  11. The vases of pine is a great idea. Looks festive and I like that it can be placed up high on something, away from mischievous dogs :-)

  12. You are just trying to make me feel guilty about not having a tree this year I know you won't work...truly it won't...oh alright I'm off to see if I can find the little twig tree after all!!!!!
    Look forward to the tree story this year xx

  13. Sara Louise, that's right, out of tail's way. A little worried about the tree though....

    Julienne, I had no idea I would hit your guilt button smack in the middle! You'll thank me though.