Thursday, December 9, 2010

Since You Asked

 Last Sunday we went to Trader Joe's for a little grocery shopping.  It was almost noon and it was as hopping as if it were Thanksgiving eve.  As we stood in line for like forever, I remembered Belinda asking me what kind of grocery store TJ's was.  To GG's horror I started dodging people, carts and crying children to get a few pictures.

They carry charming seasonal plants...

big bundles of cut flowers...
caters to one's sweet-tooth...

and one's inner child.
I had no chance or room to get to the real food ie: meats and grains and vegetables and teas and coffees and and and but suffice it to say most are packaged as their own brands,  By the time I wound my way back, most of the groceries were rung up and GG was just finishing up the packing.  Note: TJ's is definitely the kind of store you bring your own bags, pack your own groceries and if you're smart, go with your girlfriend so you can meander off in search of pictures and still get home in time to watch your football team loose yet another game.  Good times.  Great groceries.


  1. OOh, Jane, thank you so much for the TJ's sneak peak!! It looks lovely and now I can visualise all the references to it. Thanks to GG for the extra packing!

    At some point I should return the photographic favour, maybe with some London florists, or flower markets?

  2. Yes, yes, yes, florists PLEASE.

    xo Jane

  3. We make a weekly run to Trader Joe's! Love it. Your wonderful pics make me want to put more sweets on the list!

  4. p.s. we can't leave the store without buying the blueberry dunkers! and my son thinks Trader Joe's has the best apples ever!

  5. dark chocolate stars! which tj's were you at? the one in DC is totally sold out of them and doesn't know when they'll be back. ooooh, what will i do without dark chocolate cookies to pass out to my customers!?

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again - LOVE Trader Joe's!! I have to drive two hours to get to one, but luckily it's where my daughter lives, so I go there often anyway. But I would probably drive the two hours anyway, just for TJ's!

  7. the #1 thing i miss about living in california is a nearby trader joes. we have one in cleveland, but the drive is too far to go often. i LOVE TJs!!

    xo Alison

  8. hi jane,

    trader joes is awesome. i was opening a pkg of organic broccoli last night and was going to ask you if your label is the same as ours. it says grown in california. does yours say that too? just wondering.

    thanks for dodging the crowds and taking the pics. what we'll do for a post!

  9. One of my favorite stores! And smiling over the image of you zipping around people and abstacles getting photos!

  10. Jajaja - I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate our Trader Joe's! :-) But I think they must have different personalities in different areas. I can't stand the down home fake bonhomie, the cutesy signs, and interrupting the cashiers' heart-to-hearts in order to check out. But I do love their organic milk prices and their hot hot French mustard.

  11. Jane, Jane, Jane! No mention of "Two Buck Chuck"? Hope can Belinda understand without knowing about the wine aisle?

    Belinda, for years TJ sold a wine for $1.99. It would never meet Sam's taste, but it was drinkable for everyday and for those of us who were young and poor! The price has increased, but TJ still carries some reasonable tasting and inexpensive wines.

  12. Thanks for these photos and info. - I love food places and shops in other countries - maybe I should do an Aussie one?!! Love the look of those dark chocolate stars I have to say. Good for GG doing all the grocery packing etc. ! She is a saint. xx

  13. Counting Dandelions, the apples are so good. i don't know from the blueberry dunkers, have to check them out this weekend!

    Katie, gotta go to The TJ's at Bailey's Crossroads. THEY HAVE IT ALL.

    Karin, if you made it a 4 hour drive you could shop here and we could visit.

    Miss P., You are correct birthday girl. how do you know that?

    Alison, I bet you do, the best are in California.

    Janet, Mine just says grown in USA. Hmmmm, wonder where?

    Stitchfork, I think it was pretty funny if you were watching, at least my partner thought so!

    Marie, i know how you feel about TJ's. I was laughing to myself thinking of you reading. I just try to ignore the Hawaiian shirts and the ringing of the ship's bells and get my groceries. I think my store is a little more cared for than yours. Life in the burbs and all.

    Webb, Um non drinker, right? But i know a lot of bottles from there make their way into my house. This is why we blog as a community. Info sharing at the highest level:)

    Semi Expat, Please do an Aussie one. GG loves you, you always say the sweetest things about her. She is a saint, and a control freak, as am I. Luckily we like to control different things.

  14. control freak huh ... at least I don't have ADHD when it comes to grocery shopping:
    Jane: oh look, there goes something shiny
    Intercom: 5Bells! clean up on aisle 3!

    don' mess wit my halo yo, I cutcha back.


  15. I lost you this morning!
    Hate when that happens and my favourites don't turn up on the dashboard!
    We have a similar type store (I think) called Aldies. our nearest one is 95ks away so don't go too often.
    GG you are very patient! xx

  16. Now, now you two ... now bickering on the blog!! p.s. G, are you going to do a 'guest post' on the blog? After all the Lab got one! love, Semi-Expat (aka Sarah)

  17. Sorry that was meant to be NO bickering on the blog... and GG are you going to do a guest post? typing too fast as per usual... S-Expat x

  18. I can't tell you how much I wish there was a Trader Joe's near me. Almost as much as I wish there was a Starbucks. SO VERY MUCH!

  19. Hi Jane,

    This looks like a great store to me. The chocolate stars and Gingerbread men look very inviting!! So sweet you can buy them overthere. We don't have things like that in Holland. Did you buy one of those little Christmas trees?

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  20. Trader Joes, on my corner. I am there everyday! Love the thai shrimp dumplings, frozen mini pizzas, chocolate covered anything!! xoxo