Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back At The Ranch

The first Tuesday in December is showtime at work for us.

A group of about 40 ladies in Chanel suits show up for a floral demonstration.  They belong to a DC garden club and they're in it for the shopping and the entertainment.

My work amiga Betty and I provide the entertainment.  Every year we have a theme, the theme occurs to us in November when someone calls to ask "  What's the title of the program".  I quickly spit out something then promptly forget about it until the first of December.  This year was Winter Wonderland.  We made it snow for them today.  

We filled bowls with "snow" and a few cymbidium blossoms, pepper berries and  small gold pine cones.  And loaded birch bark sleeves with  tallow berries and eucalyptus buds, white roses and evergreens and a silvered protea.

There was a wreath with gold hydrangea and galax leaves, white birch branches and birds nests.  There was a milk glass compote overflowing with roses and ornamental kale, calla lilies and mistletoe and a fat white pillar candle. There were cylinders layered with cranberries, more "snow" and floating candles.

We chatted, told stories on ourselves, arranged flowers; they clapped and asked many questions.  The hour flew by and they had to drag us off the stage.


  1. From experience I know NOTHING can compete with the food when it comes to a group of ladies! Would love to have been their I fancy you were just great entertainment! xx

  2. I missed the Jane and Betty flower show? Am disconsolate.

    At least we get to see the pretty pictures!xx

  3. Lucky garden club members! That demonstration would have totally blown the socks, or rather, the boots off this local club. I wish I were so inspired using whatever the desert provides us.

  4. Although I do not own a Chanel suit, I would love to see this show sometime! Something tells me it is VERY entertaining!

  5. look who got her pictures BIG!

    amazing photos. love it.


  6. I'd be willing to wear a Chanel suit to view this on YouTube if it could be beamed across the world into every one of my 4 houses awaiting a wreath (impatient foot-tapping, glancing at watch).

  7. Julienne, as you can imagine, we are BIG hams!

    Belinda, You would have been suffused with laughter.

    Anneka, Have your garden club fly us out. Inspiration travels:)

    Karen, I think even a scary holiday sweater would suffice!

    Janet, I know, love me some BIG pics.

    Mise, 4 wreath woman was first call of the day, demanding last 2 wreaths today not tomorrow as scheduled. Told me I must have been overworked and overtired and misunderstood what day I'd agreed upon. What's wrong with that sentence?

  8. Love the icy blues with the birch bark - maybe a way to incorporate that... thanks for the idea!

  9. I am sure the ladies enjoyed the show.. I expect you are very entertaining too! Particularly love the 2nd photo.XX

  10. How did you get big photos?

    and what is this "snow" you speak of?