Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa

I'm starting my Christmas list early this year.  Last year you arrived rather late and the lab had been outside for hours awaiting her Christmas treats.

This year I would like:
  1. Congress to pass the Dream Act and repeal DADT now.  This session, before they adjourn for the holidays.
  2. My milk glass compote to remain magically full of thin skinned, juicy clementines.  Preferably the Darling brand.
  3. Our troops out of Afghanistan.
  4. The money pledged to Haiti to arrive in Haiti.  And someone of moral fortitude to get the aid to the people.  
  5. A mani-pedi and all the glitter out of my hair and eyelashes.  Floral designer, grubby yet glamorous.
  6. The hallway painting project finished ( this wish looks like it might be granted soon, very soon)
  7. One more warm sunny Sunday so I can finish, or do, my fall garden clean up.  60's please.
  8. GG to do well on her finals. ( probably do better if she could stop painting and start studying)
  9. Enough strength and creativity and coffee to get through this Christmas season. 
  10. Peace on earth.
  11. And maybe just one more good year where I don't  look my age yet.

Another reason to get to our house early: remember how ticked off the cat was when you woke her up?

Thank you Santa and GG, hallway project over, done, finished, beautiful.  O night, O night divine.


  1. One down only 10 to go! Good luck with Santa this year! I will wish you one more sunny afternoon if you will wish me one sunny day would do!!!!
    Your photography skills are just amazing! xx

  2. Oh Jane, you always make me smile. I love your Dear Santa list. It sounds a lot like mine actually. xx

  3. Eeeek, I think your poor cat might somehow have got two golden baubles from the tree stuck in her eyes...?!

    If, in her very advanced years, she has cataracts, my joke is in very poor taste and I muchly apologise to her and you!

    Hoping Santa will grant all your wishes, you will have to be super good, no pressure, world peace rests on your shoulders!

  4. Julienne, but it has to be on a Sunday here, other wise I'm working. OK?

    Helen, :)

    Belinda, I can be very very good as long as cursing like a drunken sailor isn't considered "bad". The cat is all scratched up in one eye from a big fight, where she almost lost her eye. So she tends to photograph a little strangely. But this just adds to her...charm?

  5. You are going to show us the hall.... right?

  6. Hi Jane,

    I see we have a lot of the same items on our wish list :-)!

    I hope Santa will be good to you!!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. LOVE your blog!
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  8. Can I add one more to your list?

    My wish is for Obama and the Democrats to grow a spine (I would have said balls, but there are some female Dems) and stand up to the Republicans once and for all.

    Hope the rest of your wishes come true!

  9. wow that's some list janie girl.

    all i want for christmas is for all my favorite bloggers to get rid of word verification. shallow me.


  10. fabulous list. And I echo Karen!!

  11. Webb, of course we are:)

    TheGreenPoet, Thank you.

    Karen, What you said!

    Janet, You think it's reaching too high? Suppose a haircut is oou of reach too?

    Totally with you on word verification. Esp. the sound ones.

    Denise, hey girlfriend, Karen: word!

  12. such a fantastic list, my dear. very poignant.

    xo Alison

  13. Hope all your Xmas wishes come true!
    And that does look like one pissed off kitty!

  14. Only you could follow money pledged to Haiti to arrive in Haiti with a mani-pedi and all the glitter out of my hair and eyelashes. Wonderful, really. Your lab looks very thoughtful here, perhaps contemplating Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening...

  15. OMG, I love your list, Jane. Perhaps I can co-sponsor it?


    ps: And yes. I love your lab. So pensive. Oh, okay, the cat, too. Not so pensive though. ;)