Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who You Looking At?

What we have here ladies and gentlemen...

is an old fashioned Christmas stare-down.


The kitten ( 17 year old kitten) has moved into the living room for the holiday season.

The Lab is terrified.

We are delighted she has chosen us over the attic.  Delighted but wary.

Next Sunday we move the couch to put up the tree...

The cat will not be amused.


  1. I am curious as to what 'kitten' will do with the tree?
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Jane, I wish you good luck with the kitten and the lab and the decorating of the tree. I have a feeling ít's going to be eventful!! :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. I do like a dog that knows its place at the bottom of the hierarchy...... x

  4. Sherri, actually the kitten will curl up on whatever piece of fabric we have wrapped around the tree and sleep there for the holiday. crazy kitten.

    Madelief, God I hope it's not as eventful as last year. I'll connect to that post at a later date.

    Sue, they love hearing that!

    Rachel, She has no choice. The kitten is small but mighty.

  5. Tee hee!! Great photographs you have captured their expressions just at the right moment Jane! Good luck with the tree! x

  6. I love that Kitty can quell with just one look!!!!

  7. ruh row!!
    17 yrs old....
    how old is that in girlie cat years?

    happy holidays xxxx

  8. Semi Expat, One more week till tree time. today the hallway paint job continues.

    Julienne, she's a very intimidating little package. kind of like her mom. or so they tell me.

    Renee, Very old. Even older than me. xo

  9. Cats make me nervous!

    Just seen the Antwerp mob dance, ohmygosh, how cute are the kids and the reactions of the public, just posted it as an add-on with link to you if that is ok?xxx

  10. I have just linked to you via Belinda @ Wild Acre. She refers to your blog as one of her "most favourites!"

    That in itself was sufficient to tweak my curiosity, and I'm so pleased I have, as just a brief squizz thus far has shown me why! I'm going to visit again, when I have more time and I'm already looking forward to your lab's own blog! Been thinking about starting one for my three dogs to share as well, or should I be honest and say my husband has been badgering me to do so far longer than I've had my own blog!

  11. You have my admiration for trying to maintain both a dog and a cat - better woman than I will ever be!

  12. The Lab does look a little scared. Hope you're living room doesn't become the OK Corral. :-)