Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Mysteries Of Kale

Its colors, its textures, its earthy taste.  I love it cut into thin ribbons and added to soup close to the end of cooking.  I love it sauteed in olive oil with a bit of crushed red pepper and lots of garlic with a serious grind of black pepper and a shake of salt.

I made a pot of beef and barley soup for dinner.  It was snowing/sleeting outside and inside the house smelt safe and  welcoming.

GG came home from the gym and was digging around the refrigerator for a chunk of Parmesan cheese when she spied the kale.  She cleaned it, sliced and threw it in the pot.  

I warmed a baguette, poured her a glass of wine and we ate our comfort food.

We've just returned from a dog walk.  We were the only people outside in the beautiful snowy night.  Well us and a guy who was writing "Jesus" in the snow with his foot, then running down the hill away from us, stopping only to write "Jesus" again.

 The mysteries of kale run deep here in Virginia.


  1. It almost looks too pretty to eat! xo

  2. Yum! Kale is also very pretty, isn't it?

  3. I grew it on my allotment. Looks nice, tastes horrid. In my humble opinion only, of course. (But I do like Brussels sprouts - does that make me ok?)

  4. Try rapini and give it the same treatment; you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!


  5. I love kale sauteed, as you mentioned above. I've never tried it in soup! The new snow was lovely, wasn't it? On Monday, when we got ours, I was outside and it was soooo quiet that I could actually hear the snowflakes falling.

  6. Julienne, As pretty as a rose right? So sorry to hear more news of the flooding. Epic disaster. xo

    Indie, Tea, So pretty, almost as pretty as your cupcakes.

    Rachel, Your humble opinion always welcome here!

    Beach Bungalow, Dined and gone to heaven. Having fun on your holiday?

    Karin, Perfect snow, no too much, not too little. Can't believe you've had more snow than we have....not complaining mind you.

  7. Jesus, that guy was enterprising. And a good speller too.

  8. I'm kind of with Rachel. Mitchell loves it cooked until the smell is in all the closets, which does not turn me on. I somehow think that your recipes don't get quite that far into the house! Will see if I can talk him into trying it that way.

  9. Love the close up pics!

    Camila F.

  10. I'm pretty sure that second pic of the kale says 'jesus' ... mysterious indeed ...