Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Actually

Big excitement here in Virginia.  More exciting than kale if you can imagine that.

Tomorrow night The Hai, as the German Girls father refers to himself arrives.  He's a handful of  exuberance ( his word).  Never seen without a glass of red wine in his hand or a camera around his neck.  He's that perfect combo: scientist/artist.

And to what do we owe the honor?  Tini, GG's sister will wed her true love Nirmal on Friday afternoon at a courthouse  in Maryland.  Then we'll all adjourn to a tapas restaurant and toast the bride and groom and fight to make toasts and take pictures.  At some point there will probably be dancing. 

This will somewhat ease the pain of not being able to go to India next month for the big wedding.

We'll need to refresh the house, scrub a few floors, fill the rooms with flowers, stock up on wine and bread and cheeses.  Much food will be consumed, many languages spoken and I hope we'll all bask in a weekend of love and happiness.

January continues to be very very good to us.


  1. This story honestly warms my heart! GG's father sounds like a lovely handful. Also, at some point there will probably be singing as well as dancing... ah! my kind of party! Karin

  2. Scientist/artist? They are so special (although the sheer brain-power can be intimidating!). Have a glorious weekend - looking forward to the stories of love, laughter and food already!

    ps are those hellebores from your garden already?? Beautiful pic of one of my fave flowers.

  3. May Friday be abundantly happy! You guys know how to have pure, simple fun.

  4. How tragic that you aren't going to India? There's nothing like a full week of Indian wedding to test your capacity to have fun and stay awake for simply ages, talk a lot throughout, and have a good cry at the right time (oh, the sadness of the bride leaving her family! It will stay with me for ever!). And then there's the guests' gorgeous outfits.....

    Try, go on! Run away from work! You won't regret it!

  5. What a wonderful weekend of love, happiness and extending your family. Drink too much, dance too much, and definitely sing too much!

  6. Karin, There will be singing. And always a Finnish drinking song. A handful indeed, all my girlfriends are head over heels.

    Belinda, Especially intimidating, but very endearing ,with a German accent. Hellebores from last year. But they're coming soon(ish).

    Mise, thank you, yes we do. I'm sure there will be a soupcon of drama though...

    Rachel, If only we could. GG has exams that week. We'll have to rely on stories, pictures and a video. GG is shattered.

    Webb, That we will!

  7. this sounds like a love fest!!!
    -congratulations to all.

    btw , where in va. do you live??
    write me, i am coming up to reston va in april.

  8. Heavenly, dance my dear girl, dance.

  9. Jane,

    Loved your last two posts. You have much to look forward to this weekend. I can't wait to hear about it!

  10. Renee, Not so far from Reston. Email coming. Wouldn't it be fun to meet? I'm in.

    Miss P., Dance I shall!

    Julia, :) And hear you all will. How's Riley?

  11. Oh how wonderful!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! Am sure you will have the most fantastic time - congratulations to the lovely couple. And am sure the flowers will be heavenly! Pics please... (and promise I will do a post on the house here soon!) XX

  12. What a wonderful weekend and now it has started (I am so behind!) I imagine you are well into the love and family now, have a magic time all of you xoxo J
    PS I am so jealous that you and Renee will probably get to meet!!!!!! xoxo J

  13. Your January is just too good. I hope you two had fun with Mr. Handful of Exuberance.