Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going To The Chapel

Friday the 14th.  I worked a 1/2 day and then rushed home to get changed for the wedding. Juggling bouquet and boutonnieres, I walked into a house filled with  Hai's photographer's apparatus,( rather humbling to this blogger with her point and shoot) a bride in her black Chucks and a general air of happiness and hysteria

One hour later we piled into the car, GG driving , Tini applying makeup and myself stuffed in the back with The Hai and his cameras and microphone.  A quick stop at a CVS for pantyhose and we arrived at the courthouse.  You will be pleased to hear that we were kicked out of the licensing office and told to go wait in the hall because we were too rowdy and taking too many pictures. ?????
 ( I believe the gentleman in the photo with Tini, lodged the complaint)

The Hai suggests "You should never kiss the bride.  She's like a flagship for virus and bacteria."  ?????

High spirits, scientific thinking and viruses aside, the wedding went off with out a hitch. Vows were made, rings exchanged, a few tears shed ( always tears from me) and more pictures taken.  

Then off to Jaleo"s for tapas and paella.  10 people, enough food ordered for 20.  A successful recipe for happy guests. 

Mr. Exuberance has just caught the train back to Connecticut, the newlyweds have gone home and we are ready to curl up with newspapers, computers and books.  

And how was your weekend?


  1. hi jane,

    now that's how you do a wedding. perfection in my eyes. of course almost 31 years ago we did the same in the las vegas courthouse. i wish them much happiness in their new life together.


  2. i loved seeing this.... i see the comment i'll share 2 weeks..on the 30th we will celebrate our 30th..and i too wish them much happiness together


    happy to see you at farmhouse today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  3. What a great wedding. Too rowdy I love it! Sinead x

  4. Fairfax County judge's chambers for us - also 31 years ago - whew! How has he put up with me that long?

    Glad all went well. Sound like a wonderful party and a good way to launch a marriage. xo

  5. Jane,

    Congrats to the newlyweds! Were you really asked to leave? That is too funny. I am glad that you had such a nice time. That was a lot of camera paraphernalia in that picture!

  6. your collage came out lovely.
    as for my weekend compared to yours.....
    so so.

  7. Hey Janet, I thank you for them. And may i say, courthouse weddings rock! Almost happy anniversary to you. xo

    Kary, Almost Happy Anniversary to you also. Will you be baking something delicious to honor the occasion?

    Sinead, Yes it was. And who would have thought you could have too much fun?

    Webb, I can't believe you all got married about the same time and in the same decade.... I'm sure he has loved (almost) every year of it!

    Julia, We were, send out in the hall, forced to kick out heels on a bench till they called us back in! Perfect I think.

    Renee, I love my collage. Thank you GG.

  8. What a perfect weekend and how lovely - a wedding full of fun and not too much 'protocol' (boo to the man who said you were making too much noise - what are weddings for?)... Thanks for sharing and the bride and the flowers looked sensational. And GG the driver looking very chic with her hair up too - where are you Jane? (from Semi Expat commenting from her other google account!) X

  9. Not as good, or, as loudly happy as yours obviously!!!

  10. A happy day and a perfect wedding, if you ask me - brought back many memories. And Janet, you and I continue to have so much in common. Although we "only" made it 22 years, 31 years ago this year I got married in the Newport Beach, CA courthouse. And Jane is right - courthouse weddings rock! Jane, we also got reprimanded for being too rowdy!

  11. Much happiness to the bride and groom!!! It must have been a very special day Jane -- you rode in the back seat??!!!??

    Nothing like a good court house wedding. Mr. Fisher and I were married in a Texas Court House where, upon completion of the vows, we were given a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" by the judge -- no, I'm not kidding. I still have it, some where, but I do remember that it said the privileges were void if you were a Redskin fan -- again, no I'm not kidding!! Weekend of bathroom renovations down here.

  12. Sounds fabulous! I adore small weddings! (especially with extra food)

  13. The months of financially ruinous, nerve shredding planning that goes into some weddings over here (and anywhere I suppose), honestly I think this wedding sounds so beautifully simple and joyful. Sounds like you all had your fair share of hilarity as well! Best wishes and congratulations to the happy couple.x

  14. Sarah, I was taking the pictures, so no self portraits! Anyway i hate pics of myself. Sorry...

    Julienne, But hopefully longer lasting!

    Karin, Guess courthouse weddings are kind of like Catholic school, always an opportunity to get into trouble!

    Susan, back seat for sure, with a voluble back seat driver next to me. Harrowing ride. I'm wondering in Texas weddings are legal in the rest of the States...lucky for you you're not a deadskins fan, huh? xo

    Sara Louise, And enough wine to make you smile. No cheese though....

    Belinda, That's what I'm saying! I'm going to suggest this route to all my brides! Probably won't have a job for much longer though.

  15. I love it all, particularly GG's driving style

  16. HAHA! Too rowdy. Now THAT'S a wedding. Loved this - thanks for sharing, and much happiness to the newly-weds.


  17. Proof once again that where Jane goes, the party goes.