Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Power Of The Written Word

I'm wondering, was I the last food addicted blogger to read Molly Wizenberg's book The Homemade Life?
I love her blog Orangette, so when I got a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble for Christmas, she was on my must read list.

The book was as satisfying and as filling as her recipes.  My only gripe is that she eats a lot of salads and makes them sound so delicious that we had salad for 3 nights, in January.  And, I was forced to go out and buy a much more expensive bottle of Balsamic vinegar than I usually use.

I just want you to picture the two of us huddled around the table, an ice storm outside, winds blowing, schools canceled, scores of workmen heavily salting the streets... and we're eating salad.  Of course, the salad was accompanied by warm, grain filled bread and our favorite Icelandic cheese, Hoefdingi.  But still...  Where's the soup? Where's the beef stew, the Coq au Vin, the meat pies... ?

Thank God she isn't a cannibal, for she's very persuasive ...


  1. hi jane,

    oh i love it! salad in winter, omg.


  2. I could eat salad every day...who needs meat anyway. :)

    I've gotten wrapped up in a few cookbooks that forced me to buy expensive gadgets and ingredients...homemade but not down home!

  3. I love salads too and crave them no matter what time of year and yours looks scrumptious!

    Sadly, I must confess, you are not the last food addicted blogger to read The Homemade Life. I forgot to ask Santa..(head hung in shame), but wait, Valentines Day, yes that's it..(happy face now).

    Have a nice evening Jane.

  4. Well, I for one am delighted you posted about salads as it's SUMMER here in Australia!!- thank you. Can you give us this recipe - think by looking at it I can 'cobble it together' but what is the dressing? Your description of you both huddled around the table with the cold outside and eating salad though does make me smile! XX

  5. Mmmmmm.....

    Balsamic vinegar is always better when you've bought the one you can't really afford! Doesn't work for shoes, sadly.

  6. Just to set your mind at rest, you are not the last food addicted blogger!!!
    Tomatoes have entered my life again with a vengeance so I think I might try something like that tomorrow, after all it will be 38 degrees, 85per cent humidity so what could be nicer?!
    xoxo ~ J

  7. We are all saladed up here too.

    Merely a prelude to something much more satisfyingly wintery however.

  8. Oh yummy. Would you pass me a slice of the Hoefdingi - I'd love to try it. Indeed I'd love to change my name to it.

  9. Ooooh, that looks delicious..! She IS convincing!


  10. Like you, I crave warm (often gooey) stuff to eat, but that salad looks SO good I could be convinced to eat salad in the winter, too!

  11. How did you find those beautiful tomatoes in January? I want some.

  12. Wow, great picture, great salad! I will certainly check out that book. I always seem to have a soup on the menu when the temps are in the 70's :(.

  13. Hi Jane,

    Never heard of the book nor the cook, but love the salade!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. I love any salad that someone else makes! They are so much work and Mitchell wants one every day. I should try this one. But, I'm a soup, chili and casserole girl in the winter. Snuggle up, more's on the way.

  15. I'd worship the ground she walks on if she could get me to eat more salad. I tell you, your photo is gorgeous, I need to change my ways. I think Molly 'is' persuasive!!

    : D deb

  16. Now THAT is a salad! Looks delicious. I do think it's difficult sometimes to just eat salad when you are cold and hunkered down...Beautiful picture Jane.

  17. Gosh, guess I came too late for my own party. Thanks to all who like the picture and the salad. and if you haven't read the book, do. it's a very sweet life story+food. What more could we want?

    Sarah, it's just red onion, avocado, chick peas and ripe tomato and mozzarella cheese, then we splash it with olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar, S&P and eat. Cobble away.

    Denise, they're kumatos? Brownish in color and ripe tasting always. Who knew you could get good tomatoes in winter?

    Janet, But you live in California. It's not really winter there. But you're right, they're delish anytime.

  18. That does look scrumptious! My husband loves salads (he's like a big girl) I might need to check out that blog

  19. too funny....but the salad looks wonderful....

    i am looking at my molly wizenburg book...stacked right here on the bookshelf...

    and as for the pineapple is almost as tall as me...and i'm 5'9"...

    i could do a post about it :-)

    stay warm, my friend

    kary and teddy

  20. Gorgeous salad! Makes me think of warm places on this freezing cold snowy night!-