Friday, January 21, 2011

The Day Of Wine And Roses

24 days till Valentines.  Shake, shudder, flex my fingers, roll my shoulders back, roll them forward, take 5 deep breaths.  Take a xanax.

How it rolls: I come up with ideas for maybe 5 specials, give em a catchy name, add some color and flower ideas and make up some samples.

If you don't mind, I'll run them by you.  Let me know what you think,ok?

#1  Wine and Roses.  An assortment of flowers in hot pinks, burgundies and reds, to include some roses naturally.

Oh and orchids and callas and a protea, tulips and a sweet pea or three.
Next  round:   I'll be offering  a Champagne Toast.


  1. hi jane,

    i like this v much. i'll take one straight away. i think the name is as clever as you.


  2. I think this was meant for me...sorry Janet!

    It's beautiful, can't wait to see the others. You're very talented...I know it's a lot more than just putting the flowers in the vase. Our floral designer at the shop creates like it's a piece of art.

  3. Love it. Protea is my new favorite flower, and those callas - wow! Wish I were in Nova. I would have one. Get some sleep! xo

  4. How about a "Pearls before Swine" design, for those who may have been less-than-good lately? (or the ones who love a good rhyme) ...I'll keep working on it. G.

  5. I would love to get those. My very favorite arrangements are those that have a lot of different texture. Very sweet!

  6. Janet, :) coming right up!

    Sarah, this is better than expected; fighting over it. Excellent! xo

    Webb, I know those callas are crazy rich and beautiful.. you should live closer period!

    Gwen, might be a hard sell. What will we put in it besides pigweed?

    Sherri B., You all need to live closer. yes, texture is key.

  7. this is divine.
    i love what you do!!!

  8. Please send this to me at once. A fat vase, a fat arrangement of richness - gorgeous!

  9. Bliss, I think! Love it - how talented you are! But I especially like your anticipation and pseudo-exercise at the beginning - cracked me up proper!

  10. That is lush - so elegant, love the rich, Venetian colours. That is for some serious passion isn't it, not for "I think I might quite fancy you actually!"!!!!?

  11. Renee, Thank you. I love what you do too!

    Rachel, Will arrive shortly....alert dogs.

    SoulDragon, Especially the xanax,no? Trip to the chiropractor in the future:)

    Belinda, exactly, well said as ever. Makes me want to change the name....

  12. Never heard of protea before. I took a look over at Dave's Garden and I'd love to grow some, but looks like it's only perennial in Zones 9-11. Maybe as annual during the summer?

  13. Jane,

    Love the rich and beautiful color of varying shades. Yes indeed I would (and do) like this very much.

  14. oh Jane, your arrangements always make me swoooon!

  15. Love it! Do you deliver to NC? Karin
    p.s. showing this to the bf!

  16. Karen, I don't know if we can grow them. I think of Australia or South Africa for optimum growing conditions. But let me know what you discover. They are fantastic and seemingly covered in feathers.

    Julia, thank you. And thank you for those fantastic moon shots you took. Did you see it tonight?

    Katie, Money on you getting one!

    Sinead, You'reon!

    Karin, Send the BF, I'll pack one to travel!

  17. Dear Jane,

    Wow, that's a very pretty bouquet! Love the combination of flowers you used. The berries look perfect in between! Wish you could send it over to Holland!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  18. The wrapping is a real fishing net!
    Beautiful centerpiece too!


  19. My favorite arrangement is the one with the tomatoes in the previous post. What says Valentines Day better than something good enough to eat?

  20. My two greatest loves - wine and roses. adore!