Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Egg A Day

I was going to do a post, a rather poignant one, about the fact we were on the last two of our hand delivered, straight from the farm eggs.  Are you reading this Geoff and Chuck?  We're out of your eggs.  The last two, a very lovely shade of pale blue, were eaten this morning.

I took a few pictures, we ate the eggs and then were off on a day of shopping, clothes and groceries (in the opposite order).

But before I had a chance to write my poignant post, I read one from my friend Rachel about her eggs this morning.  And I laughed out loud and decided to write this as an intro to hers.

Not a tear will be shed , except of laughter and perhaps recognition , in the reading of it.


  1. love that photo, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. I love your egg cup...Thanks for the link,very funny indeed but a little to close to the kind of things I do. sigh..

  3. Ok, so I majored in foreign languages and barely passed the required biology class, but where do blue eggs come from? and don't tell me blue hens! they are too neat, like decorator eggs. May I have some in turquoise, please? Loved Rachel's story, but wow what a terrible week she has had! xo

  4. Kary and Teddy, Thank you. Hard to take a bad pic of a beautiful egg.

    Sherri B., We love our egg cups, they are Finnish
    and come in 8 different colors. And yes, sigh, this is why GG stays close, i could do it too!

    Webb, They come from Ameraucana chickens I believe. They lay colored eggs. Very Martha Stewart, I know.
    Yes, Rachel has had a hell of a week but she always makes it so amusing.

  5. i love eggs prepared like that.
    my grandmother made them like that for me.
    and ....
    no it's not mine.

  6. love love love and the toast and jam... yummmo xoxo

  7. Oh how I love eggs that are that gorgeous pale aqua blue colour and your toast pic looks too yummy... The other egg post made me smile so much - sounds like something I have done before (but not with eggs!)... And re : post before that is a really good name for the flowers - looking forward to the next one! X

  8. Oh, so that's why I've been getting new readers popping in to laugh at my egg tragedy (well, almost-tragedy)! Thank you for linking to me; it's nice to meet new people.

    We have blue eggs in the specialty section of some supermarkets; aren't they just lovely?

  9. Hi Jane, I will read your friends post in a minute! Hope Geoff and Chuck will come again soon :-)!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. That post is hilarious! Wonder how she makes a cup of tea??!! Im starving and your egg and toast looks devine! Sinead x

  11. Renee, too bad, it's one sweet piece.

    red ticking, I know. Every time I see the picture I want to eat more.

    Sarah, I am lucky my computer is right by the kitchen door so i can always keep an eye and an ear on what's cooking. Who knows what would happen otherwise?

    Rachel, I should have warned you, but i only had 1 minute to get post up before friend came for dinner. But I felt everybody i knew would love to read it. xo

    Madelief, Right? Chuck and Geoff heed Madelief's words and come back soon. Actually I think they're on holiday. (:

    Sinead, Ha! You'll have to ask her.