Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have An Idea.....

Not to make this all about Rachel again, but, we were chatting via email and she asked me if I would do a tutorial on how to make supermarket flowers look good.  She had several vases full at home and I asked her to send me some photos of them.  Totally charming was my response, no instruction needed.

Then she asked me what  flowers I had around my house today and  inspiration struck.  I thought how much fun if would be if one day, say next Monday, we all posted pictures of flowers we have around the house.

I know you all pretty well by now, you've all got something going on  indoors.   Flowers, dried seed heads, plants, branches, bulbs, all are fair game for a shoot and post. 

In answer to Rachel's question, I zipped around the house  shooting a little vase of sweet peas and a mini orchid in the bedroom, a branch of barely budding cherry in the dining room and am throwing in, at no extra cost to you, a picture of the Lab asleep in her brand new bed that was just delivered today.  I'm thinking she's loving it?

So what do you think?  Shall we do it?  I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


  1. Lab heaven. See the toy she's stacking with?

    I'm in. Photo on Monday. Great idea. xo

  2. That sounds like fun! Hope I remember..maybe a little birdie will remind us?

    Nice new dog bed.

  3. Great idea....I'm coming to the party too!

    I love seeing other's plants and flowers!

  4. Yup, I am in for this... do twig things count? Hope so...! Love the pic of the Lab in her new bed too. x

  5. I'm in...if the computer is working! 3 days and no connection.
    That looks like one very contented Lab! xoxo

  6. Great idea about the flower post - will do. Glad that Flossie's not the only one with a giant bed!

  7. An excuse to post about flowers in winter and snoop at other people's? - I'm IN!

    Your pup is blissed out!xx

  8. Also mean't to add that I am so glad you and GG liked the look of the chocolate cake I posted about - sounds like GG might be a fellow chocolate fiend?? Just to say the cake is definitely a Devil's Foodcake type, kind of like Betty Crocker style - trashy in a good way for when moments when you crave some box-cake sponge! xx

  9. Hi Jane!
    That is one comfy looking lab!
    Love the idea about the flowers, but like Sherri B mentioned - I hope I remember! BTW - love the sweet peas in the first pic and REALLY love the Buddha!

  10. Oh yes, I be there! Great idea!

  11. Yay! This is gonna be fun! Of course I will post a reminder. I guess we can consider this forcing spring. Unless you're in Australia or South Africa, then we can all turn green with your summer flowers.

  12. Yay I'm in. Sweet peas - fab! Sinead x

  13. omg jane i will be out of town. maybe i'll take a few pics now and email them to you so you can represent the gardeners cottage. what do you think?


  14. sounds like FUN !!!! and look at that SWEETIE in her bed...too cute


    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  15. sweet idea. it'll be fun to snoop and see everybody's flowers. i am all about forcing spring--it really can't get here soon enough.

  16. How do you have sweetpeas?

    Are they actually silk?


  17. Urban Stems, sounds like your regular weekly post anyway, right? Glad you'll be showing us your style!

    Kary, Hope you'll join us. it's so warm there you probably have sunflowers growing.

    anastasia, Are you in? Hope so.

    Gill, Yay!

    Miss P., They're fresh, California probably. Sweet indeed. xo

  18. I'm in! Flowers at home, posting this Monday xo