Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Messing Around With Flowers

We are having Weather.  That's right, with a capital W.  The morning was snowy, then rainy, thus slushy, then cold and windy.  The afternoon was quiet, then it hailed, then the snow started and continues. 

We had some quiet time at work so we played around making samples of more Valentines specials.  This one will be called Vintage Charm.  2 different designers, 2 different takes on the name.  But both charming I believe.

 The brandy snifter is filled to the brim with mimosa and roses, lilac, ranunculus and a few sweet peas.  It smells like the Garden of Eden must have,pre apple.

The milk glass compote is fragrant also with jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus berries, roses, campanula, french heather, an oncidium orchid,  and a few dutch mini carns.  Couldn't resist their feathery edges.

Pictures finished, we fled the shop, calling dinner suggestions to one another as we slid to the cars.

Now I'm home, tucked up warm and dry, stew simmering on the stove.  Off to lounge around and read the new Garden Design.  Hope your evening is a cosy one whatever your weather.

xo Jane 


  1. love the vintage charm. no weather here at all. just blue sky and an occasional cloud. boring.


  2. I know which one I like! You could put a dead weed in milk glass and I would love it! :)
    And I adore mini carnations ~

    Stay warm and dry...curl up for the night and pray the clouds part tomorrow!

  3. I also like the milk glass...Your arrangements make me happy.

  4. I third the milk glass!

    The storm didn't bring any snow to us, just rain and for tonight, the threat of black ice. But I see you guys are getting hammered by it. Spring can't come too soon.

  5. Four for milk glass. Batten down the hatches, it's going to be worse before it gets better. Stay warm and dry. xo

  6. Janet, blue skies? is it warm there? Linky business continues to confound me...

    Sarah, Boy, you'be be easy to do flowers for:) tell your husband to call me!

    Julia, thank you. Makes me happy to do them.

    Karen, Hammered we are, it's pretty tho'. Pretty and wet, makes dog walking dog trudging, except for the dog. she's leaping.

    Webb, Ok, I better hit up some more thrift shops, I see which way the wind is blowing.
    Really, won't this be over by midnight???

  7. Both very lovely, and so different. I love to see stems in a glass container.

    'Stew' isn't enough - what kind of stew?

  8. First off are you sure you havent moved to Ireland with a day of weather like that!! Love the vintage charm blooms. Nice work and hope the weather makes a decision about what it is going to do..rain or snow!! Sinead x

  9. Love them both but in our 109 degree day I don't think they would last long!!!!!!
    Enjoy your weather! stay warm and cosy and hopefully I shall catch up soon! xoxo

  10. I love them both but possibly love the brandy snifter a little more.

    We have cold grey weather with a biting wind.

    Stew sounds good

  11. Rachel, Thanks, can't you just smell the mimosa? Achoo!

    Sinead, Really, that's what it's like there? Brrr. I'm supposed to live in the south, but i guess there's no south anymore.

    Julienne, 109???!!! God, now I remember what summer is like. Have you made the lemon syrup? Stirred into a tall glass full of ice n sparkling water, it helped to ease the pain of HOT for me. xo

    Gil, I love brandy snifter too. The joy of working with other designers, always doing something beautiful to look at.

  12. Rachel, beef stew with red wine and potatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes. yum.

  13. I'm loving both! You really do such beautifu work. Sorry to hear you got the Weather. We escaped the worst of it, but still had one weird Weather day...started out warm, foggy and rainy, cleared up and became sunny but cold, and by mid-afternoon it was blustery with 40 mph winds and cloudy again. Weird. I'm looking forward to Spring.

  14. I want!! Haven't seen/had mimosa in ages. Never mind how it makes me sneeze. Gonna get myself some of that.

  15. i can just smell their lovely scents.
    and they are so darn pretty.


  16. Hi Jane,

    Each time I see your bouquets, I want to quit my job and become a florist like you. What a great job you have to work with flowers all day! You can really use your creativity. Love your bouquets!!!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  17. Both are so beautiful! They make me feel all happy and cozy, especially thinking of the Weather outside. I love the little carnations. So sweet : ).

  18. Very pretty indeed. My quibble with most flower-arrangements is that they are too tall and contain too much greenery. These score 10 out of ten, sharing the podium with the slice of chocolate swiss-roll I'm currently eating.