Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

It's 6:25 on a Saturday night and I am still at work.  Mad busy here today, one might even say plain old mad.  Waiting for the driver to return so I can go home.  I have just grabbed a few stems of what's left out of the cooler and they lay wrapped and wilting also ready to go home.

Because, come Monday. we're all going to be showing what's in our houses.  Flower wise that is.  And if you think I might have an unfair advantage because I work at a shop, you would be wrong.  I don't choose, I humbly take the leftovers.  And I don't "design", trust me, I put them in any available vase, sometimes snatching out the old and plopping in the new without even changing the water.  Don't  try this at home!

Home again, home again.  Flowers plopped unceremoniously in pitcher.  Tomorrow is another day.  I'm off to drown myself in the bath.  Talk soon.

xo Jane


  1. They look so beautiful on the green paper.
    With our current heatwave the flowers in the garden look a bit sad so I won't touch them I will have to go hunting for some greenery maybe for tomorrow! xoxo

  2. Jane,

    I hope you are able to relax a little on Sunday!

  3. Your picture just makes me so anxious for spring to come. A couple of daylilies are sending out tentative green shoots in the small garden. I am so tired of the cold and gray.

  4. Thanks for reminding us about photos on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. breath my darling jane.

    {but i hate when people say that to me}

    you're idea is best....
    a warm bubbly will do best xxx

  6. Your tired flowers look good. I hope they perked right back up again.

  7. I guess the thing is that there's no such thing as an ugly flower, only poorly displayed ones. I've just bought myself a new flower-jug so that I shan't be Found Wanting.

  8. Julienne, Heat seems such a foreign concept at the moment. But I am not envying you yours. I remember.

    Karen, It's coming. Now we just have February... the month when we get the worst weather. Ugh. Then spring!

    Sherri B., My pleasure. Glad I remembered to get some flowers too. Now to put them in vases, seems complicated, up too late.

    Renee, I did breathe and bathe and eat, then I went out till 1:00am. Unbelievable!

    Marie, I haven't checked yet, hope so too!

    mise, exactly. Now I want a new flower jug!

  9. I have a dead orchid and some dried up narcissus.

    Mondays posting should be the most fun.

  10. Hope your bath was reviving and you are recovering well after your busy weekend. Love both the vintage charming flower bunches from the previous post esp. the second one. Lucky people who live near your shop. x

  11. Jane this will be a fabulous bouquet...the colors are delish!

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    Art by Karena