Monday, August 9, 2010

che - che - Cherry Bomb!!

Steamy. sultry, sticky, this is Virginia today. And tomorrow and the next day and...

What's a girl to do? Drink plenty of liquids, dress minimally and eat lightly.

I updated my lemon syrup recipe substituting limes and at GG's suggestion a handful of blueberries. 25 to be exact, I'm a counter. Can't help it. Double-de-elicious. Tart with a hint of blueberry and a fabulous color.

What I really want to talk about though ... This summer I've been giving into my cherry cravings. It seems like I never get enough but this year I've indulged.

Some years ago my friend Larry was celebrating a significant birthday and decided to do so in Italy. He invited myself and my then partner to come along. I have mentioned my flying issue before, but claustrophobia be damned when 2 weeks in Italy is on the table.

We started in Capri. The first day lunch was served poolside. I don't remember what we ate for lunch but I remember dessert. It was a huge bowl of cherries swimming in ice. I mean to say it was a really big bowl, of ice cold cherries. It was enough for all 4 of us, no holding back. All you could eat cherries.

I thought I will do this at home for dinner parties but alas this has never happened. Not enough fruit at one go. Loathe to share. But, as I've mentioned, it's a hot day and I have close to 3 pounds of cherries.

Let the feast begin...


  1. "Loathe to share." I admire your honesty. I too am a counter.

  2. I count when I'm watering.

    Perfect idea, the ice. Thank you :-)

  3. hi jane,

    you think you are a food counter? try living with a caterer. i still have nightmares about counting pieces of chicken.

    i love a big presentation such as this. the food is simple but grandly presented. perfect. but it would look great just for 2 also.


  4. Oh how delicious - cannot wait for the cherry season to be here again in Australia... Have you ever tried making an ice bowl by freezing water between two plastic bowls one inside the other and weighed down slightly...? looks very impressive (whilst it does not melt!!) xx

  5. Sounds and looks delicious. I especially like your portrait of the syrup drink. Do you notice it looks a bit like it a smiling face with a little (lime) green bonnet? Very appropriate, I think.

  6. That Icebowl idea works really well and you can put flower petals etc in the water and it looks so beautiful while it lasts.

    In that Virginia heat I think i would just snooze and eat those beautiful icy cherries all day! I made your lemon syrup the other day - delish - will have to give this "smiley" one a go sometime!

  7. The weather has turned today, cold rainy, grey.

    A cherry pie would seem more suitable to me. A damn fine one if you will.

    Some people came in to the shop on Saturday. They were from Houston, Texas. Jill and Brian, do you know them?

  8. Deliciously simple idea! Yum! I'm heading to the grocery today... and getting me some cherries!!!

  9. Hola dear flower Jane!!! your garden is so beautiful these days... and poor lovely dog... I have a dog that yesterday had 11 babies... 11 !!!! my god...
    hugs to you my darling,
    maria cecilia

  10. Hi Jane,

    I wish you could send some of that good weather to Holland. It's been cloudy here for some time now and we are looking forward for summer to return. Your drink looks very refreshing. I enjoy cherries as well!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Fabulous! Love cherries, even better on ice.

    Great post title. I just recently saw the film. Those girls were crazy. I like that one of them went to Harvard and became a lawyer. Practice in the trailer was hilarious. You were talking about The Runaways song, I hope...

  12. John ( hello) Yay! Another counter.

    Marie, i count when i water too. How long per plant for you?

    Yes Belinda and Monkey flower group, it does look like a smiley face and i had one while drinking it.

    Semi expat, have never made ice bowl, love idea, Belinda's addition of fresh flowers perfect. You all know I'm going to do it one day, then try & get pic before melts.

    Maria Cecilia, 11 puppies? What breed is it, are they? Wow.

    Zuzu, simply delicious!

    Denise, You got it in one. Just saw movie the other night. Can't stop singing that song.

  13. Uh-oh, Jane, it looks like I need more help in Blogging 101. What is this Following Thing you speak of? Do you mean a widget? Do I need to take some action to allow others to "Follow" me?

    With deepest thanks/confusion,

    Jaime, The MFG

  14. Keith and I go way back, really happy that he is to be married, and to an American? Wow, he has really made it in life.

    Do you think anybody else gets the comments we leave on each others blogs?

  15. What a lovely smiley drink - I've never seen more happily arranged ice-cubes. I bet it secretly contains gin.

  16. And full marks for the musical post title.