Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seize The Day

I'm sitting at the computer listening to rain, gentle summer rain. Not the intense storm of this morning that turned 7:00am into midnight, but a light. steady rainfall. The windows and doors are open, the pup is sleeping in the kitchen cool and content, GG is in the shower after a hot day in a client's garden and I'm just chilling.

But the happiest of all is the garden. Parched, strangled in parts by the dreaded bindweed, batted about by our recent storms, tonight it is at peace. Hopefully it is as content as I am. Right here, right now.

I just went to the door to let the cat in and saw my first hummingbird of the summer.

Amen. The End.


  1. Light, steady rain? I saw that once upon a time. Glad you are finally getting a good drink (of water, altho hope you're having the other for yourself). We've gotten two hard, fast storms, so must have sent all the gentle stuff northward. Here's hoping for a cooler weekend. Love the drop-covered rose!

  2. Wow, that was sooo relaxing; I feel your peace.


  3. hi jane,

    this is all so interesting. we don't get summer rain. at all. after it rains does it cool off? we have had the strangest/best summer since we moved here 23 years ago. our normal summer temps are in the high 90's-100's. this whole summer has been in the high 80's. it has been fantastic. it's all everyone talks about.


  4. What a nice moment. Good post. Now you'll have it forever.

  5. i have to say i love the rain.
    it cleans everything off.
    when i lived in nyc....
    it was like the entire place went through a giant car wash.
    and in pushes all the nasty pollen down.


  6. Webb, off and on all night! Not enough but a pleasant reminder of the world the way it should be!

    Sue, Thanks! I had it for a moment didn't I?

    Janet, sometimes it cools off, sometimes the humidity rises higher and higher. In the 80's all summer?! Glad you waited for a decent day here to tell me that.

    Denise, Right? Like your little mouse story.

    Renee, Been missing you. Glad to see you survived :)

  7. Goodness, today was fun huh? Nice to have things all relaxing. Meant to tell you about a tomato/goat cheese/foccia bread pudding - remind me later. While it's still cool enough to turn on the oven; not that I'm going to or anything!

  8. What a peaceful moment all to yourself. And how happy it makes me to think that you made time to stop and acknowledge it - it is all about these little moments and being present in them, isn't it?