Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Inspirational

Such a lazy weekend. It rained all Sunday morning, into the early afternoon. This effectively cut out lawn mowing and much necessary weeding. Do I sound disappointed?

After coffee drinking and Sunday Times reading, errands were run and lunch consumed, a movie was required. We watched It's Complicated. I expected it to be pretty. I didn't expect it to be so funny or to have the best getting high scene I have seen for years. Also I didn't expect to be so inspired by the beautiful potager. And want to recreate it on a much smaller scale. But I was and I do.

Now I'm pretty sure if I go back a post or two I can read the truth about gardening in Virginia. I believe I referred to it as the tropic of Virginia. But like love, gardening is a triumph of hope over experience. And even though I am off to pull up my tomato plants and the beetle riddled eggplant and my peach has leaf curl. Though I haven't sown a single seed for fall crops yet.....

I want to cut down the strangely growing maple tree planted 6 or 7 years ago that shades too much of the back including the fig. Maybe take out the ga-huge Japanese pussy willow we planted from a rooted stem. And bring back the light, put in some raised beds, leave some lawn to be the paths between them. And give the plants some room to breathe. And the freaking mosquitos more time to get at me.

As long as Alec Baldwin doesn't show up naked I think I'm on to something. Or has the heat and Hollywood made me delusional?


  1. Yes, the garden in (It's Complicated) was breathtaking no? IS that your garden in the first photo because it looks gorgeous as well!

  2. completely delusional... that my pussy willow is coming out... as for the rest of it, I'm totally game!

    guess who.

  3. Is that your garden at the beginning of the post? It's so pretty!


  4. I have no desire to see Alec baldwin naked either.

  5. Surely those are not your delphiniums? Do they actually grow in your area. I would kill for them! Lovely garden.

  6. No , no , no sorry, this is not my garden. It's another shot of the garden from It's Complicated.

    If it was mine, I would do nothing but post pictures of it all day long. I'd have to quit my day job.

    This is what I want to do in my back yard. Though apparently there is some issue about removing the pussy willow :)

  7. hi jane,

    i posted this comment earlier but it didn't take. why????

    okay, i'm going to be in the minority here but i didn't like the garden in it's complicated. it was too perfect for my tastes. don't hate me.

    2nd, i did like alec baldwin in the movie. i have a thing for aging catholic men. don't ask.

    this is not the champagne talking. it's all true.


  8. Janet, No worries. It won't be perfect in my hands! And I thought he was fabulous in the movie, Just don't want him in my imaginary potager. Naked.

  9. LOVE the movie and adore potagers too... Go onto Sarah Raven's website in UK - you will love her garden I think if you love this style... I think it is - if not google her. x

  10. This letting light into the garden must be catching.. we spent last weekend taking down a diseased holly tree. So sad as it had twinkly Christmas lights wrapped around it like a ginormous Christmas tree each December. But, it was losing it's leaves pretty fast, too late to use chemicals even if we were of the persuasion to use such in our garden, which we aren't. So down it came with due reverence and apologies to the garden spirits, and little birds who flitted in and out on their way to a nearby feeder. Then we chopped down a HUGE shrub, and took out two others that had become overgrown. So much light, so many new planting areas... yippee. But first, it needs some natural manure type food and a rest over winter to recover and get some nutrients and goodness back into the soil, and we will replant next year.. .by which time I shall probably have changed my mind a dozen or more times as to what I want to plant. Such is life with an indecisive woman.

  11. BEAUTIFUL....I can't wait until i have some land to garden!

  12. I loved that movie. Watched it with my son @ WSU the night he graduated. I have to agree that garden could give inspiration to all sorts of green thumbs out there, including me. Seeing Baldwin naked, now that would shrink a few violets!