Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moving On Up

I have a guest post up at the beautiful blog gardenrooms.

And I am chuffed, as one of the British bloggers says ( I've been saying this is my head ever since I've read it, I think it's a good thing). Actually, I just looked it up and it means to be quite pleased with oneself.

So maybe not chuffed. Delighted and flattered to have been asked.

Robyn asked me to pick a favorite flower and write about it. But you know me, blah, blah, blah.
So I picked a favorite flower ( literally) and made an arrangement.

Gardenrooms is usually full of beautiful garden images from all over the world and little talk.

Today we're changing that up.

Thank you again, Robyn.


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're 'chuffed'! Enjoy, you deserve it!


  2. I haven't said chuffed for donkey's years.

    I left a comment next door.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks Jane first for writing a post for me with a lot of words, plus lovely instruction and photos, secondly love what you said about "little talk" ha ha. This last year I've been saving my words.. : ) Too much talk in my day life!! Your post was G.R.E.A.T.
    Best~ Robyn

  4. Congrats on being chosen. The arrangement is so cool looking. Made me want my own glass of iced tea!

  5. Hmm, should look up the meaning of words more often - I've always used chuffed to mean "flattered and delighted" not "pleased with myself" and now feel pompous by mistake!! Thanks for putting me right!

  6. They weren't all destroyed in the storm. Excellent!

  7. Sue, Thank you. Love that word!

    Marie, Thank you. GG wanted to know what donkeys years meant. Our vocabulary grows daily thanks to blogging!

    Robyn, Your pictures are worth 10,000 of my words.

    Webb, So nice of both you and Marie to leave a comment on gardenrooms. Knew you'd like the site.

    Belinda, Don't go changing. I hope to learn something new from you soon :)

    Denise, No, just some battered down to the ground. But I picked those and made an arrangement. Read 2 more Pyms.

  8. great to visit your blog Jane...enjoyed the post at Robyns... a great place to daydream - all those magical escapes she finds.
    Love that you go between garden and kitchen - Id say form what zive seen to be invited to your table an absolute treat!