Sunday, November 30, 2014

When We Were Young

That would be back in 2009, and I first started blogging, I met two extraordinary women. This was before the days of the book and the foraging, the too busy wedding schedule, the trip to Africa to build beehives, and the many magazine articles. (theirs not mine)

The first, one, Marie, I read mention of in the the NYT's. She was commenting on her favorite garden in New York, which turned out to be a little wildflower patch growing out of the sidewalk and bursting with sunflowers.

I put her blog title into the computer and walked right into a dream. 66squarefeet of terrace offered more than flowers, it boasted evocative writing, sensual foods, a love story,  berries, herbs, tomatoes, a productive fig tree and a cat.
     Indeed it was Eden.

And we wallowed in it.

The other was Miss Pickering, a properly eccentric British flower designer whose way with witty words certainly equals her skill with flowers, and window display. Her familiar was the  The Hound. His elegance enchanted us, the stories of his mishaps which often had Miss Pickering running thru the village of Stamford in too high heels and tears brought us to tears of laughter.

Surely Renee Zellweger would have played her, at least before the plastic surgery.

These two were not just my inspiration, they became my friends.

And when the dark days came for me, after GG left, they were there heart and soul, and almost in person.

And now the dark days have come for each of them. They have both lost their remarkable pets in the same month.

Marie posted about it on her blog, Miss Pickering posted a picture on IG.

We bloggers have text one another, cried at work, in my case and felt our hearts split open with grief for them.

They have both lost their beautiful boys.

Life seems very unfair right now.

Especially with the winter solstice coming near.

Short of lightening a candle and beaming love their way I can do nothing to ease their pain.

But I can share this with all of you and lessen my own sense of helplessness.

Maybe you can beam a little love their way too?

RIP Estrobo and The Hound.


  1. Thank you for writing this, Jane. I tried. I really did try.But I could write nothing more than mush, which is how I've been feeling. In the end, I just wrote a few words and posted a picture of my friend.
    It could never be enough.

    1. There are no words, just feelings. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Oh, no--The Hound, too? That is just too much in one month :-(

  3. Oh, no, the Hound too? So sad. Two bright stars.
    This is a beautiful post.

    1. ...two bright stars...exactly the words I was searching for. Thank you Jen.

  4. I found 66squarefeet blog through you and LOVE following Marie. I was so sad when I read that her cat had left. :o( Ugh - losing pets is so hard. Thanks for sharing this post today, Jane. I'm sending love and light to both of your friends today!!!

  5. What a sweet and loving post. I have been mourning since my dog, Violet, passed in April; she was my constant companion and for that I am grateful.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about Violet. Pet, human, makes not a whit of diierence in the size of the hole left in the heart. xo

  6. Oh no, not the hound! When I lost my job and was so afraid I started my blog, inspired by Miss Pickering and the Hound, I told her that too and she was my first comment ever. Max and I are heartbroken. My heart goes out to Marie as well, but the hound, I don't know what to say.

  7. Don't know Miss Pickering or the Hound but certainly do "know" Marie V and the Frenchman and dear, eccentric, hauntingly beautiful Storbie.
    Was MV in South Africa when it happened? Oh, the circles and waves of life, how they ebb and flow. Of course, you're hugging your two adorable felines much tighter right now. Peace be with you and Miss Pickering

  8. pbwy w Marie & Vincent, too, of course. Sloppy slippy fingers.

    Diane in Denver

  9. Such a sweet and thoughtful post💕I will send wishes to the universe for the sad losses, felt over here as well. I also know several IG friends who have recently lost pets and who are caring for ill,pets. I cry for ladies and there lovelies!

  10. Such a sweet post Jane. Sorry to hear of the grief of your friends

    Madelief x

  11. What a wonderful post, Jane. You brought me to Marie (and occasionally to Miss Pickering) as well as several others. That's part of the thing I love about this community. Am so sorry to learn about The Hound's death - have been thru it three times and it does not get any easier. The friendship of all these remarkable people helps in bad times and you do keep the candle burning.

  12. Thank you, dear Jane. I haven't been around much and only just saw this. xxxx