Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Art Of Eating

Having just found myself in the kitchen sneaking a little corn tortilla with red beans and cheese I realized two things.

1. I need to stop eating

2. I need to blog about this meal while the flavors linger in my mouth.

I wish I could give you all a taste.

Little red beans, soaked, cooked only in water with 3 or 4 cracked cloves of garlic, a bit of salt at the end of the cooking process. Then pureed to a smooth mash and added to a pan in which thin strips of onion had been lightly browned in vegetable oil, a chicken bouillon cube sprinkled over the beans. So, onion, bouillon. A sprinkle of white cheese at the table.

Short ribs. Rubbed with mashed garlic, salt, a little crushed Honduran chili pepper. Seeds brought from Honduras, grown in New Orleans, bottled and brought to Virginia. Treated like gold.

The jar appears, the jar is capped and taken home.

 A sauce for the meat. Chopped onion, bell pepper, Roma tomato, a handful of cilantro, lashings of lemon juice, cumin, salt, maybe pepper.....

Then the ribs were grilled. 

  And eaten.

Accompanied by white rice and warm corn tortillas.

Both my teams lost today and I almost don't care.


And I got the leftovers. So I scored even in the Lions didn't.

Okay, just one more picture.

This makes me much more grateful than any turkey ever has.


  1. It's still breakfast-time over here, and I was thinking of having a small pot of yoghurt, but am willing to go with the flow.

    1. I'm about to have an english muffin, how was your garlicly breakfast? Should I switch?

  2. Oh that looks amazing. Fresh corn tortillas are one of my favorite things. I am not one for short ribs, but all the men in my family would fall in love with you. :-)

    You're a Lions fan too (as well as 'Skins)? Last night was a heartbreaker for me.

    1. 'Skins just because I live here, Lions because I come from there and Ravens cause they kick ass.

      Football is emotional.

  3. The meal looks delicious Jane! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you Madelief...I feel like a turkey might be a bit of a comedown.

  4. So much more interesting than turkey!