Friday, November 21, 2014

The Wide Sargasso sea: Part II

A certain new neighbor, um reader, is giving me flack about not blogging regularly.

Between us, I know he just wants me to get the Villa post over and done with so I can talk about important matters.

Like what we've been eating and will be eating.

Reluctant to offend my personal chef, I give you the Villa.

 They call it Villa Maitland. I called it Alhambra.

Two kitchens, two dining rooms, 5 baths, 3 bedrooms, a guest cottage, a billiard room, a wet bar, a coi pond and a pool.

  Two living rooms ( notice the can of bug spray artfully placed on coffee table) a foyer bigger than my house and a rather painful obsession with elephants.

There was also a recurring bunny theme.

The house was so big, or haunted, we all kept misplacing things.

Cell phones, reading glasses, bug spray, books, a credit card, reading devices, drinks, people.

We were constantly running up and down 3 flights of stairs to try and locate lost items and one another.

It was a workout and a vacation in one.

There was such a sense of faded Hollywood glamor oozing from the very walls that I slipped into a Carole Lombard persona with very little persuasion.

Blenders whirled, iced pitchers of lime scented water sat on the ends of the dinner table,candles and kerosene lanterns were lit at night and large fans constantly hummed over our heads.  Masseurs showed up one afternoon to attend to us all in the privacy of our own bedrooms.

Pretty heady for a little florist from Virginia but not too much for a rising starlet.

And when the movie ended, I was just as delighted to get on a plane and come home to the cats, my own little house and a delicious meal of Honduran bean soup.

New film in the making.

xo J


  1. Not bad for a girl who used to be frightened to get on an aeroplane!Next time, bags I carry your luggage!

  2. how beautiful, haunted or not! glad you are home safe and sound. x

  3. Alhambra...kind of reminds me of Hearst Castle! Which makes you definitely a movie star.

  4. Replies
    1. And I'm sure you mean that in a variety of ways:-))

  5. Definitely a place befitting our Carole, err Jane. Glad you had a good time. Nothing like a little opulence to help one learn to love flying! Glad you are home. Don't worry about the blogging. I'm going on a month, and still no inspiration... maybe tomorrow... maybe, not.

  6. Replies
    1. Too bad they snatched the crown off my head when I walked out the door.

  7. Oh what fun, you glamour girl.

    1. Today the glamour girl is mopping floors. Cinderella.

  8. You certainly had fun! Lucky you! See what flying can get you?