Monday, November 4, 2013

Love Actually

I went to the best wedding yesterday.

The bride was from Texas, the groom from Virginia. The wedding combined the best of both states.

Saturday was spent in the hellhole as we not so fondly call the basement at work, slaving over and second guessing one another on flowers for the Sunday wedding. 

A friend was getting married. and not just any friend ,but one who works in the shop on Saturdays  because she loves flowers. And we love her.

She also helps out on weekends at a local live music club. This is where she met her husband.

Oh, and she is the soloist at St. Thomas More Cathedral  in Arlington.

Plus her full time job.

So, church, flowers, venue: locked and loaded.

Her husband, who knows his music, was in charge of the band and the food.

His choice, The Bachelor Boys, rocked, much more than their name implies.

Old Blue BBQ, an Arlington caterer, supplied the totally mouthwatering, perfectly smoked brisket, so good it made me want to get married, soon. And their bread and butter pickles....

There were little brown paper sacks printed with the menu, they held silverware and napkins. It was suggested we might want to fill these up with some of the 1,000 cookies baked by the mother and friends of the bride to take with. I wanted.

I thought I'd wait until the actual wedding to get pictures. Pffffft. That didn't work, So I have happily stolen pictures from her FB page.

I have no shame.

Someone just posted a picture on the bride's FB page of her delicious lunch of leftover BBQ. Cornbread! Mac and Cheese! Pulled pork!

Leftovers? All I got were some cookies!

Words of wisdom: don't leave the reception too early.

And florists relax, the flowers will always be beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride.

Don't even try.


  1. Sounds lovely, unpretentious and real. Nothing like all made by those you love and love you. No wonder they look happy. You make bouquet, yes?

    1. Si, well myself and my work hermana Alicia, I made it, she added some, then we remade it. Hard to get it right when you love someone and want it just so!

  2. She sounds like quite a gal! Fun couple and wedding. Love the idea of bbq!

  3. So pretty! What a joy to do something so special for someone close to you on such a blessed day. The bride was stunning and that veil, gown of lace... Gorgeous! The flowers were perfection and sprinkled with love! The BBQ, paper bags, and cookies...brilliant!

  4. So fun and pretty looking. Love that you stole the photo from FB. She looks so happy and the groom looks a"tad" nervous. So cute.

  5. BBQ weddings are my favorite! Love the photo of the B&G with the leaves, the flowers and the glowing couple.

  6. Congratulations to your friend Jane. They look really happy!! Her wedding bouquet looks lovely!!!

    Madelief x