Thursday, November 7, 2013

2 Little Peppers And How They Grew

How are you all doing with the time change?

Sunday morning was rough. I hadn't changed the clocks yet so Gus understandably thought 5am was 6am.

He is my own little alarm clock and wakes me up by patting me on the face.

If I don't stir, he lays down for about five minutes then commences pat, pat, patting again.

Furry snooze button.

This morning he properly work me up at 6:05am. I begged for and got 5 more minutes.

He likes to go out immediately. Lucy used to until it got cold, now she stays snuggled up in bed until breakfast. Smart girl. Not a cold weather lover myself.

When I come home from work they are both waiting by the door ready to rush out, shoulder to shoulder, to terrorize the 'hood.

There's an auto body shop at the corner and S-man swears they work there. They are often spotted
with grease and oil.

Now there's a dumpster across the street where the new neighbor and her father are renovating the house. I check in daily. So does Gus. Yesterday I saw him flying out of the dumpster. He waits for me outside the gate and walks me home. Half cat/ half dog. Total crazy.

Sometimes they're out for hours. Sometimes it's chilly or rainy and one or the other jumps on the windowsill and stares in the house, meowing, till I let them back in.

They demand food and then collapse, either on the bed or on the warm radiator cover.

And there they stay, changing position occasionally, until it's time for second dinner.
Well, Lucy changes position. Gus just sleeps.

I so want to follow their example. I'm sipping a big cup of mint tea with honey as I write this and I long to throw myself into a hot bath then curl up with my book.

But Zumba beckons, I'm going to change and get ready to rumble.

But hibernating  looks very alluring.....



  1. They have perfected the fine art of napping. Cute!

  2. Right. I think the cats and Max are from the same litter! Zumba after dinner? I'm ready for my book. :)

    1. No, dinner for the cats only. I didn't have any till after Zumba. I was ravenous.

  3. Love it! Love them? Geiger is my "snooze button"

  4. What bliss... It's a "cat's" life! Zumba after work? Go, Girl!

  5. I wish the snooze button worked on my two kitty twits. I've had to shut them out of the bedroom, so they bang on the door if I try to sleep in on the weekend.

    You are definitely more dedicated to exercise than I am. Once I get home and changed, it takes a large pry bar to get me to go back out...especially now, if my guy has started cozy fire in the family room, a nice glass of wine, and fugedaboutit going out again!

  6. Cats sure do know how to live, don't they? And there is nothing better than radiators, although my cats do manage to camp out in front of the heat registers (we have forced air). But at an earlier house we had old-style radiators, and they would lay on top of them and let their paws dangle between the coils. After a while they would get too hot and go sprawl on the floor. It's a cat's life, eh?

  7. I could look at pictures of your kittys all day long. And your descriptions and characterizations are the best. The world might need one more cat book, and if so, you should write it.

  8. They are adorable, so very cute and cozy. I'd go with the bath and book myself but I know it's better to exercise. love,Diana

  9. Alluring, yes. Dignified, not so much.