Thursday, October 31, 2013

Won't You Come Into My Parlor......

My house outside is small and fair, a riot of green grows everywhere.

But inside is another tale, with shells of turtles and teeth of whale.

Perhaps you'd like to linger here, there's much to see and none to fear.
The walls are dark, the flowers dim, I'm happy that you wandered in.

Maybe you will stay and dine , I've blackened squash there's red, red wine?
That little bone, don't be afraid, the last guest was so glad he stayed.

But no, you have another date,  then Gus will see you to the gate.

My house outside is small and fair, no witches or familiars anywhere.



  1. You've outdone yourself here! Happy Halloween to you and the kittys.

  2. What a spooktacular post and Happy Halloween to all who dwelling in that small house.

  3. Well done!
    Why can't we be neighbors?

  4. You absolutely have outdone yourself....very fun!

  5. Thank you for the invitation - and I'd have a date with Gus any time - oh, that tail!!!

  6. So fun and incredibly clever.