Tuesday, July 2, 2013

As I Was Walking

First off is your Google Reader still in working order?

 Mine seems to be.

Ah, sweet mysteries of life.

Anyhow, back to my real reason for posting.

I was walking to work yesterday when I saw a man taking apart a stack of pallets in his driveway.

Doing anything cool with those I asked?

Yes he said, I'm building a 15foot raised bed on the side of my house.

He was surrounded by plants in pots just waiting for their new resting place.

 There were heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, Malabar spinach and pots and pots of I don't remember. He said he had put the collection together plant by plant, with great love and a true sense of garden adventure I thought

We checked out the construction site. Nice. He should be blogging, maybe he is, I didn't ask.

But as I walked on, now late for work, I realized this is what I miss about not being in a relationship.

The planning and plotting and finally the realization of a dream, be it a new bed in the garden or a party on the 4th of July.

So I imagined writing an ad for a mate to include: Must love gardening, cats and dogs, cooking and eating, feeding others, working out, working in, reading, dancing, laughing, crying, politics, flowers in the house and my friends and neighbors of course.

Luckily I'm enjoying a relationship with myself just now and I fit the bill perfectly.

Still it would be nice to have someone else clean the kitty litter every now and again.

Just saying.


  1. Well you're close....that guy was 50% of the way there....

  2. 19 yrs w/o a partner. Inbetween years had strong bonds with great friends. Found the ONE. You will too.

  3. It will happen. Keep your list handy, and don't settle for anything less.

  4. I think it says a lot about you that you are enjoying your relationship with yourself at the moment. I kind of think it's a good thing to do that from time to time. Relish this time when you can. It won't be long.

  5. I remember being all dressed up and on my way out with my girlfriends on a Saturday night and seeing a couple dressed down, completely comfortable with each other, toting a bag of Chinese take-out, walking into Blockbuster Video, and thinking "Now that's the life." My coupled friends thought I was having all the fun out on the town and all I wanted was to hang out with my idea of a good guy, at home, and watch movies. Luckily I found him, but only after my share of kissing frogs. You'll find yours, and that someone is going to feel very lucky they've found small but charming you.

  6. Healthy that you can relax enough to make that list. Keep an open heart and the right one will appear.

    Perhaps you should cultivate that new friend. Pals can plan and work together, too.

    And, hoorah for Reader... working fine so far!

  7. A friend of mine once said she just wished for someone else to pick up the dry cleaning.

    I have those same garden gloves, I think. Happy 4th, flwrjane:).

  8. I too am awfully confused by the whole reader situation. Anyhoo - bloglovin it is for me too, and I've clicked follow for you.
    Have faith! I'm sure you will not be alone with the kitty litter. xx

  9. hope you find your new partner soon. love,Diana

  10. The first step in any relationship is to tell the universe what you are looking for :)

    Now for my Feng Shui hocus-pocus: Take that wish-list and put it into a ceramic/earthen container and place it in the southwest area of your home ( bedroom is great, living room works, too).
    The SW is the area of relationships and women, btw.

    Two years after my husband passed away I decided I wanted to once again be in the land of the living-and maybe, just maybe, with a special someone in the wings. I made a list of 100 (!) attributes that any partner of mine would be expected to have-and then some. I put the list in a box in my bedroom and three months later I met the man to whom I am now married. Weird, I know, but hey-isn't truth always stranger than fiction?

    Happy Fourth!

  11. You will my dear, when you least expect it...maybe as you are walking. In the meantime enjoy your time with yourself and most of all FOR yourself, you deserve it. Now for the important stuff, I signed up with bloglovin for no apparent reason because since I had never signed up with "any" reader (google or otherwise) for an RSS feed there was nothing to disappear. Should have asked programmer hubby in the first place.

  12. Oh, yes, my Blogger Reader is still working which just doesn't make sense to me. I thought for sure it was getting fed information from Google Reader. I'm not going back. I've gotten used to Bloglovin' and I have no problems with it. Webb is still having issues and I can't figure it out. She said at the bottom of a post instead of comments, she has a link to "open the original post" or something to that effect. She then has to go to the bottom of the post again to comment. It's got to be some setting but I can't figure it out.

  13. You sound as if you're in a good place with yourself at the moment, which is great. re the partner, pop by and see how the guy's getting on with his raised beds - he might have a cool sister.... ;) And if he hasn't - well, he sounds as if he might be a good mate anyway. x

  14. Leave the door open a little, keep an open heart too, and you never know what might happen....

    (But I bet that when the Someone comes along, half of that list won't apply, and it won't matter at all!)

  15. I didnt even know I had a reader, I thought I was the reader - I know nothing, but I was thrilled to find your nice blog and would love to see what that guy does with his new raised beds - I am a fan of raised beds.