Sunday, June 30, 2013

Give Me Some Good Good Lovin(g)

 Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Honestly if tomorrow wasn't D Day, I would happily leave up my last post and wait for more comments.

And to think I was a little leery about writing such a political post.

Obviously I have the best readers, "to the left, to the left", as Beyonce would say.

But anyhoo, with Google reader bidding us adieu, (does anyone know why?), I have to stake my claim.

At least that's what Bloglovin tells me. (What happened to the "g"?)

I have moved my reader over to my new hostess and am set to go.

I see I already have a crew of followers. Either you're also using the b-love or you were so shocked by the big head on top of my blog you were hypnotized into following me on Bloglovin


So what happens tomorrow?

Does the blog list on my page simply vanish into thin air?

I'm not good at the wait and see mode.

 But Lucy is.

What are you all doing?


  1. Lucy looks very elegant tonight.


  2. Wondering much the same . . . Presto Gone . . . or just no new posts. Soon, very soon! (I will miss you Google Reader!)

  3. I joined bloglovin' and transferred the list of blogs I follow. It took about two seconds. I really like their format--very easy to use. I don't know what will happen to my list of sidebar friends either...

    This has been the year of patience for me, and it's paying off--so much more helpful than I ever realized.

    Lucy is such a pretty girl, and I love the lights around your umbrella!

  4. Personally... i have decided to panic. Steve (Urban Cottage Steve) assures me that Bloglovin will make everything ok, but i still don't have a clue how commenting will work. Today i had to go to thr 'original post' - without Reader how will that work? And do i need to add that 'follow me on bloglovin' thing like you did? And, how do i do that? I am too damn old for this!!! Having great difficulty embracing this particular change.

    Hope to see yoou on the other side.

    1. Webb, just click on the blog link in your new reader and the blog will pop up on your screen looking just like it always does, then you can comment.

      Have you claimed your blog via bloglovin's instructions?

      Do it now. K? Once you claim it the link will be on top of your new post.

      Then people can follow.

      Easy peasy, honest.

    2. Webb cracks me up..."I've decided to panic."

  5. Wonderful shot of Lucy at the window! Yes, I signed up with Bloglovin' after Steve gave the tutorial on his Urban Cottage blog. So fabulous to have such helpful guidance right there in my blog feed or I would have had no idea--I haven't been paying attention. I was sorry to miss FITH this month, but I intend to go back and take the floral tour yet. Here in Minn. we are enjoying a rare and long-awaited stretch of perfect weather -- sunshine and highs around 80 -- and hubby and I plan to get out and construct that second patio, which will get shade in the mornings. We've got a couple of stacks of reclaimed pavers from friends and neighbors, a couple of different sizes, and many bags of sand. It should be an interesting puzzle putting it all together. I'll try to remember to take photos and blog about it. I'll look for you in my Bloglovin' feed tomorrow! Cheers!

  6. Contemplative cat - butter wouldn't melt and all that. Lucy is so beautiful!

    What's about to happen? Am I going to be flummuxed? (Can't spell it!) Should I panic now?

  7. I am so peeved about it going! I just don't understand it. Will we need to go to whole new site to browse and comment on blogs rather than just logging in and commenting? pppfffffjjcjccvvee silly silly change! Fingers crossed all goes well!

  8. Angus and I are having a cat fight over Lucy. We're both in love.

  9. I'm following you over there! Lucy keeping look out for the google gremlin. I' m anxious to see what happens.

  10. I'm happy to report all of my blogs are still in my blogger dashboard! WHEW!

  11. Lucy looks very sweet and contemplative. Me? A little reading this morning. Blogs and I've been smitten by the silliest gardening book, Gardening Without Work: For the Aging, the Busy & the Indolent by Ruth Stout. It's a great break from the more serious issues in life. Shower and muesli next.

  12. The blog universe is still working here a day after the sky was supposed to fall. I imported my blog reading list into Feedler on my iPad weeks ago. Works for me.

  13. Oh gawd, I didn't understand a word of this.... Is it the end of the blog world?