Friday, June 28, 2013

We Can Be Heroes

This week, this week,

Starting with a beautiful FITH, where I couldn't help but notice how everyone's designs have matured. Is that the right word?

Styles are looser and just full of joie de vivre. The containers are as engaging as the flowers themselves and we had some new guests come to the party and invite us in the homes.

Total success. let's do it again next month!

Now how about that Supreme Court?

I am quite the little political junkie and when I'm not in the garden or the gym, I'm tuning in to the news of the day.

Tuesday my heart was broken by the decision on the Voting Rights Act. I cried.

Wednesday, my spirit jumped up and down in jubilation when that same court struck down Doma and repealed Prop 8. It was like the end of a long winter, when you think you can't take another day of cold and gray and then the sun comes out and you see your first crocus.

I cried at work. I put on sunglasses and went outside and cried some more. I talked on the phone. I sent and responded to text.

I facebooked and shared in social media joy. I came home and watched the news, and to the chagrin of the kittens, well you know what I did.

I stood with Wendy Davis and marveled at her mental and physical stamina. I cheered the crowd of 400 protesters who made up the "peoples filibuster" and yes I shed a few tears.

My soul is clearly starved for some good news and for a hero or two or 400.

Cheers to the Senate for getting it together and passing an Immigration Reform bill.

Boo to the House for immediately responding it won't be brought to the floor for a vote.

My suggestion as a taxpayer?

More flowers in the House, less hatred.

And congratulations to the two couples who brought the suit against Prop 8 to the highest court in the land.

They were both married tonight in California.

See, at the end of every rant, I'll offer up a happy ending.

And flowers and a kitten.

 Now aren't you glad you stayed?


  1. It's a shame it takes too many years of ignorance and injustice for things to change but the day finally came and for that I'm happy. I was right there with you with my big happy tears. XO

    1. I feel a ginornomous group hug is in order.

  2. Change takes time and one step forward 2 back has actually been two forward and one back this week I believe. USA friends, take note, equal rights is part of our Canadian constitution and our country has remained great. There is nothing to fear!

    I hope the Flower World is very busy creating bouquets that will be parading down the aisle with many, many happy men and women (well men and men and women and women, but you know what I mean)

  3. I need to refresh my awareness of US current affairs to understand the detail, but I get your drift. And the flowers and kitten (at what age will they start being cats? I reckon at 1 year old, and only fully, properly grown up at 4) provided exactly the right balance to a heartfelt post. x

    1. Rachel, how insular of me, I just put in links to all my references.

      And the "kittens" are certainly past that age, having turned one year in April, but they still act as crazy so in my mind they are still babies. Big babies though.

    2. I adopted a kitty from the Fairfax VA shelter - we took her home on election day because she had to get fixed first. She's a lunatic! The shelter said that she was a year but she's a little thing. My older cat Lucy, who's over 15, still hisses at her but she's never had so much exercise so that's a good thing. Molly is not a cuddler but she's really a hoot! I still think she's a kitten - hmmm, four years your say?

  4. I think every member of the HOUSE should go out early in the morning and cut flowers from their gardens or their neighbor's gardens or the park and carefully arrange them in vases, and take photos of them and go to work and share.
    Let's write a Bill.

  5. Oh boy, I am with you! I go back and forth with politics--sometimes I folow so closely the intensity scares me, and then I stay completely away. My father was in DC politics and my son is in NY--for a while I was following every blog re: NY Politics (there should be a tv show about it). My enforced computer/tv breaks help me get perspective. But it's a carnival for sure.

    1. I'm the same way. Sometimes I don't even read the newspaper or turn on the tv. Need more info on your father in DC. email?

  6. Had to buy more Kleenex today - it's been that sort of week. Cried my way down the highway listening to the President - the PRESIDENT!!! - talk to the California couples. Then Rachel took me as her 'plus one' to both weddings last night. What a whirl wind.

    Of course, you and i are still solidly in thr OLD dominion, and have i ever admitted that my Rep. is named ... wait for it ... Cantor? Many barriors fell this week, but the struggle goes on. We'll get voting rights fixed somehow. Big hug. xoxo.

  7. When will the people who oppose equality in any form get that even our pledge of allegiance states,"...with liberty and justice for ALL."

    Now, if we can get all 50 states on board with marriage equality( I'm lookin' at YOU TX...and a few of your buddies), outlaw guns, and put a woman in the white house in my lifetime, I'll be pretty stoked.

    I watched some of Wendy the Warrior's live stream-having lived in TX for a long while, I was quite happy to see the blues stand up for what is RIGHT and give the Perrymandering others the what for. He's already called another special session, so there is more work to be done. My BFF lives in Austin, and I lived there for years, so I try and keep up.

    We could take cues from Canada,Australia, most of Europe, etc-they seem to have some of these things more sorted out than we do :)

    1. Wow, you should have written this post. Your passion shines threough every word.

      And I love the "Perrymandering" haven't heard that one.

      What the USA take a cue from another nation? Even if it's clear they know how to make things work?

      I wish.

  8. It was a good day. Sometimes it just boggles my simple should it be, live and let live! How hard is that? I don't understand a lot of people, such, not really just plain ignorance I suppose which actually makes them the losers. Some states are just plain idiotic, (texas, arizona, are you listening???) but luckily I have no plans of ever going there. Cheers!

    1. Virginia are you listening?

      Things aren't going so well in this state either.

      Anybody wanna buy a house?

  9. Wendy absolutely amazed me! What a woman! What a human being!

  10. I am so happy about DOMA. So much resonance, mythic as well as practical. Congratulations to all Americans - I can't help but feel the way I did when we elected an African-American president. That the premise of our constitution and our country wasn't a lie, or words said only to keep our property from the British.

  11. If cutting a few flowers could only open minds. Maybe the secret is in pea tendrils.