Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black And White Goeth Before The Fall

Before we plunge into the Thanksgiving madness. Before the air is redolent of rosemary and bay leaves, the centerpieces studded with gourds and feathers and pomegranates lie bleeding on the design table. Before the customers line up with handfuls of candles and cocktail napkins and bunches of bittersweet. And before we start to scream at one another "Can you get that phone", we had a tiny wedding to do.

I called it the Chanel wedding. A study in black and white with just a suggestion of grey.

I never met the bride. She lives in London. But she had a friend with ideas. Good ideas.

Her bouquet was wrapped, of course, with black velvet ribbon.

The mantle piece was to be "drapey".

And the communal table had a row of little silver urns fulled to the brim with smokey goodness.

It was the quiet before the storm.
And I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now:  off to the trenches.


  1. now that was just beautiful.
    sending you lots of love and positive energy for this week and the weeks to come jane. xoxo

  2. I agree, those flowers are just beautiful! Would love to see the table of little smokey urns, I imagine it was lovely. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Love your creative vision . . . really love . . .

  4. So lovely and sophisticated. Enjoy the storm.

  5. Gorgeous flowers- good luck for the storm- mine has just passed and I'm a little tattered! x

  6. May the karma stew stoutly within you for the ordeal ahead. May the ladies bow to your opinion of what is beautiful and abandon their tasteless notions of feathered gourds. May the transience of it all envelop you in peace.

    Your newly Buddhist friend,

  7. That little silver urn is perfection, so sedate and elegant. Enough to lull you into the calm before you get wonked on the head with "the holidays". Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. It is all very very pretty. You have a very busy month ahead of you. Wishing you well. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie

  9. Wow. What a beautiful break from orange!
    Really pretty and so Chanel!

  10. So subtle and sophisticated. I love it!

  11. Lovely. Special. Pinning it:).

    1. :-) When I posted this I thought, Lisa will love this wedding. Who knows you?

  12. It takes real trust to order your wedding flowers sight unseen. Lucky she had you. Hope you get a bit of quite time this week.

  13. Jane, those arrangements are stunning. Honestly. Stunning. Sending you good cheer for the holidays and the busy time ahead!

  14. Jane, I hope you don't mind if I "pin" these photos for future reference? I will credit you and the blog!

  15. I hope this compliment makes sense. You have always been immensely talented, but when I look at your work as of late I really feel like you are relaxing into it, in the creative sense. I look at these arrangements and I can tell that your heart rate never went up, that your breathing settled into that meditative yoga-like pattern and you just got into that blissful zone of creativity. These are effortless, confidant and radiating the positive energy of a pleasurable creative experience. For your audience – both the recipient of the flowers and your blog readers – that energy translates, and leaves us feeling refreshed. Great job, and keep it up.

    You’re on Instagram? I’ll have to find you!

  16. My. I read this today standing in line at Subway waiting to order. I certainly stood up straighter and I bet my eyes got brighter. Thank you. Lovely compliments.

  17. Hello Jane,
    I've pinned your beautiful arrangements and many have repinned...then I realized I never left a comment to say how absolutely stunning these are. I think Coco Chanel would have agreed...and I 'm sure the bride was thrilled with what you came up with...I would go on, but difficult to top the comment above no matter how much I gush! Have a wonderful I reminisce about the phone actually ringing as opposed to someone texting announcing they are at exit 37 when you know they are still in New York.