Thursday, November 22, 2012


Unfortunately we came late to the world of Downton Abbey, so were forced to stay up past midnight  fighting the first world war.

As a result, we overslept and came late to the kitchen. Not the best idea on a food based holiday.

Thank God we're having Thanksgiving en famille. 

We're doing a German style meal this year. So as the red cabbage braises away on the stove, GG is preparing the stuffing for the turkey. This consists of  Macintosh apples, oranges, sliced almonds, rum soaked raisins (or apple cider soaked if you live with me), S&P, paprika and cinnamon. The turkey is covered inside and out with S&P and paprika and is cooked breast side down, the top draped in slices of bacon. Much bacon.

There's quite the world war fought over those crispy bacon slices when the turkey comes out of the oven.

Tini and Nirmal will be bringing 10 pounds of mashed potatoes,brussell sprouts and cranberry sauce. I have the dough for icebox rolls resting in the icebox and pumpkin pies in the oven.

What a perfect American/German/Indian feast this will be.

And Mr. Baby's first Thanksgiving in situ.

Hope he doesn't try to fight his mother for a leg. It could get ugly.

Bon Appetit to the Americans celebrating Thanksgiving and love to the rest of you.

I give thanks for having you all in my life, either in situ or virtually.

Group hug.

xo jane


  1. Good luck with winning that first world war, my dears. It is we who are honoured to have you in our lives, despite being in Europe with no pressure to be thankful at all.

  2. Sounds like a great time as usual!


  3. Another one of your wonderful sounding get-togethers. I'd love to pop in for day. :)

    The stuffing sounds amazing. That will for sure be on my christmas table, albeit, not in a bird.

    Have a truly wonderful day!!!

  4. Have a nice Thanksgiving, Jane. I love your arrangement - not a typical Thanksgiving arrangement. Christa

  5. Mmm, all sounds delicious and family cozy. I look forward to a picture of Mr. Baby at table (or with kitten).
    Enjoy your day!

  6. have a beautiful day jane and fam.
    last night i watched howards end and it made me sooooo hungry. all they do is drink tea and eat cakes! xoxo

  7. Have a wonderful day, Jane. Enjoy your family. Thanks for being there. XOXO

  8. Ah, Downton Abbey...I envy you watching it for the first time. Trying to find Love Actually on Comcast, but it's not in the mix this season: drat.
    Your kitchen smells divine!
    xoxo Shelley

  9. That stuffing sounds so cool. Would love to try it sometime.

    I requested Downton Abbey Season 1 but I got Hunger Games and Prometheus instead. Wars of a different kind.

  10. Your Thanksgiving sounds delicious ... and filled with those folks that you are most thankful for.

    Never done Downton Abbey yet. I think I will have to work on that once I finish the DVD of Doc Martin Season 5. Love those good British programs, but must turn up the volume to understand it all.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. You must be enjoying some fabulous leftovers! Hoping your thanksgiving was happy in every way. Joining in with the group hug in a slightly awkward British way, but very heartfelt gratitude for your friendship! xx

  12. Sounds wonderful and yummy and perfect. I do hope to see Mr. Baby munching on a leg, a turkey one that is...ha. Beautiful flowers, as usual. Many thanks for the friendship. XOXO.

  13. Sounds oh so good..Happy Thanksgiving Lady Jane. I miss you. Very much.

  14. Jane,
    Love your T Day flowers and your feast sounds so good. Can you believe I have yet to watch Downton Abbey? I've gone as far as ordering it on netflix and someone (I'm guessing my 13 year old son) switched our cue and the 15th season of "how i met your mother" arrived.

  15. German-style Thanksgiving sounds just perfect.