Monday, April 9, 2012

The Winds Are In From Africa

The 30 mile an hour winds are whipping through the house and thrusting me out into the garden to begin the weeding of the back yard berm and  beds.  They are in shameful condition.  No pictures will be taken.

Here goes my right shoulder.  Expect mention of a massage or chiropractor in days to come.

While GG and I were enjoying a sodium filled Easter lunch with friends and their family, our family was meeting with a visiting member.

Emil's great grandmother is visiting from India.  Apparently it was mutual love at first sight.

Guess we'll have to wait till Wednesday night so he can tell us all about it:-)

(Sorry Nirmal for using a picture of you but at least it isn't poster sized)

(PPS GG sorry about the baptisia, but you know I weed like Shiva.I'm sure it will be back next year)


  1. Great Grandmother doesn't even look old enough to be a Grandmother. And Emil gets cuter every day, doesn't he?

    I will share pics of my shameful back-back garden if you do! Yours cannot be in as bad shape as mine. Honest.

  2. i'm reading this as i've come in from a break of taming bamboo and century old ivy. it's winning.

    what a beautiful family. and i love that yawn.

  3. They look so comfortable with each other.

  4. I was thinking great grandmother looks pretty young too.

  5. Your winds are our winds. Emil's story just keeps getting better.

  6. Karin, It's a deal. I took a pic or two but haven't downloaded yet. If you can even see the outline of a garden I'll post 'em. You too/

    Jen, I know. The Grandmother arrives the end of this month for a month. Emil will be such a pasha.

    Janet, Did you get any pics of your mess? Apparently we'll be viewing for the worst garden patch:-)

    Denise, I guess their hearts just spoke to one another.

    Steve, I was worried it might not be appropriate to post these pics but after all these compliments who would care?

    Shelley, Crazy winds. i don't know how I stayed on my feet in the garden. I hear rumors of 90 degrees on Sunday? I'd like some rumors of rain....

  7. GG,one cannot kill baptista- I swear. I've been trying for years to get rid of it and it returns, and returns, and returns. I promise.

    So nice to meet Emil's grandmother - four generations is very special. happy for all, and now you have a bigger family, too.

    Sorry about the shoulder, but I feel your pain (pretty much literally) so try Aleve. I find it better than Advil, especially when I really overdo it - like weeding. xoxo

  8. Heavens Emil is growing at a rate of knots! What a lovely family pic! xx

  9. What a priceless photo...I don't know who is more gorgeous...Great Grandma or Bubs. Robx
    p.s. just catching up on your rantings about your garden....what the hell is a baptisia...sounds very catholic!!