Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Behind The Scenes At The Museum

Who said my weeds weren't as bad as her weeds?  Oh right , Karin.

What do you think now?  Can you see the one small area I cleared?  All the rest are weeds.  Chickweed, duckweed, sow thistle, bindweed. I could wax poetic about these pests all day but we're off to zumba momentito.

And I couldn't resist this shot.  Does anyone remember we have the roommate? Sweetest guy but with serious stacking issues.  Round ball in square hole issues.  I always tell my workmates when he unloads the dishwasher it looks a scene from a Dr. Seuss book. They think I exaggerate.

Never.  Here's a picture of some of his food stacked up in the pantry.

You can't make this kind of stuff up;-)

May I hear from the rest of your gardeners?  How do your weeds grow?

And your comestibles stack?


  1. so the weeds are nowhere to be seen BUT, my white bleeding heart is blooming at the same time as my tulips. There are buds on my roses and my tree peony is popping up lots of leaves. The Akibia vine has set buds... I'm so confused!!! Ninety degrees on Sunday? Guess that puts the kabosh on your spring.
    Your cleared space is just....so clear...don't stop now.

  2. What is that in the weeds, an ax or a sickle? That's bad but I'm incredibly impressed with your weed knowledge.

  3. What if you got him a Tetris App; would that help him learn to stack? Or if he gets married and his wife does the stacking while he plays golf? That's two solutions already.

  4. oh i have you beat jane. maybe i'll post pictures. but i really don't know any stackers.

  5. I have ALL SORTS OF weeds. But no weird stackers. One has to draw a line in the chaos sand somewhere:).

  6. Weeds everywhere. I was so sure that I got ahead of them last fall - right! if so, something is really wrong out there - something other than this weird season. I just can't seem to get any protracted time to clear them out. May resort to "liquid weeding" this weekend.

    Hope all is well. xo

  7. Isn't that how a pantry is supposed to be stacked?!!!!!! xxx

  8. Shelley, well it sounds as if you live in Eden. After the fall here.

    Steve, I don't know ,we call it the hacker. prongs on one side, a small ax head on the other. V. efficient. leads to mucho pain.

    Mise. We are praying daily for the wife option. We feel rather like his 2 mothers.

    Janet, This I do not believe. Proof please:-)

    LPC, Weeds acceptable. You should see the freezer!

    Webb, Liquid weeding....don't tell Marie:-)

    Jules. ????? We are not that upside on this side of the world. or are we...

  9. While I am impressed with your weeds, I still think I may have you beat on that. I will try to get pictures soon!
    As for the stacking issue...wow! You're right, you can't make things like that up.

  10. And like Steve said - I, too, am impressed with your knowledge of weed names. I have never bothered to learn what they are. I just know I don't want them.

  11. I am only doing a little container gardening at present, so no weeds to speak of. But, I am one of those weird stacker people. It drives Ros crazy!

  12. I love his stacking technique! Send him my way. Anyone who can make me look neat is ok in my book!

  13. Fortunately, it's still early in the weed season here, but I see evidence everywhere that my attempts to eradicate the creeping bellflower did not success. A regular hydra, that one.

    My husband is a stacker, too, but his preferred medium is just-washed dishes. He's great about washing them, but he will build a very precarious mountain in the dish drainer--made entirely of breakable items, I might add. And the mug that I want for tea is always at the bottom.

    At least when I put the dishes away, I can find them again. It's like playing hide-and-seek when he does put them away. So, maybe the stack is better, as long as there's no avalanche!

  14. You have me LOL Jane! You man can stack!!

    Weeds....ohhh, I have a front garden full of grass I can't get rid of. When only a tiny bit of root is left in the ground, a new pole appears. It's terribly invasive!!! Hope you don't have it in yours.


    Madelief x

  15. you are so funny...yes, I would agree that your pantry resembles a scene from Dr. Seuss! I always enjoy your literary references and for once I didn't have to Google it!

  16. I have plenty of weeds to share if you'd like a few more. I managed to get stuck in to them at the beach over Easter. Crikey a warm, wet autumn and they were taking over. Now that I'm back home I need to do the same here.
    And those stacking issues....surely this is a staged photo? It fell down as soon as you'd taken the photo right? xx

  17. That is too funny- seriously, I'm just chuckling away by myself over here.

    I don't have weeds, I have slugs/ Damn slugs that eat EVERYTHING. All my cut flower seedlings are a mess but I have been recommended 'Nemaslug' so a little chemical free war is being started out there!!