Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things I Can't Live Without: LotteAndBloom

 This is a treat. A chance to turn the tables on Lotte who interviewed every florist on earth  by asking such serious questions as "what is your favorite tipple" or "what is your worst habit"? The world hung on the answers.
If you know her blog you're already smiling and if you are new to the world internet and haven't read her yet hurry over.
 Her flowers are dreamy, her posts are alternately amusing, informative or decorative. Much as i imagine her to be.  Enjoy.
In her words:
 1. my husband. i first met him when i was 15. together we've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. our two little girls are the apple of my eye and a baby boy is joining the crew in may. i can't wait.
anyway, onto the shallower no particular order...

2. travel
it can be so life-changing and inspiring. it challenges me, feeds my curiosity and is something i come back to again and again.

3. the internet.
i admit it. i spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. is that bad?

4. food
i love eating good food and cooking. i'm really quite greedy.

5. riding my bike
not happening as much as i'd like at the moment but there's nothing quite as liberating as pedaling too fast down a hill.

6. bath
i bought an old rolltop bath and had it fixed up in the corner of my bedroom. it's the most wonderful thing after a long day at work to shut the door and soak for an hour with a magazine and gin and tonic.

7. my camera
for as long as i can remember i've loved taking pictures and looking at pictures.

8. flowers
they're such life-affirming things, it's a real blessing to have them in my life as much as i do. making flowers and running my business gives me a creative outlet i don't think i'd find anywhere else.

9. car boot sales
this has actually become more of an affliction. if i don't go then i have a gnawing sense of unease: what if i missed something great? now i've realised it's easier to just drag myself out of bed on a sunday morning and go.

10. good secateurs
i used to work in a shop that had the worst tools in the world. the scissors were used to cut EVERYTHING: flower stems, shrubs, wire, paper, a result they were utterly blunt and useless. it used to drive me crazy. i'm a bit weird now about having good scissors for each job that are kept sharp. these are my favourite secateurs and they rarely leave my side. they glide through anything and are such a pleasure to use.

Lotte, one more good reason to save our pennies and hurry across the pond.  


  1. What an intersting (and different) list! This is so much fun.

  2. I buy new blades for my Felcos every Spring. Gotta have them, cause without them I'd use whatever was close to cut "flower stems, shrubs...".

    Love the list and as usual, love the flowers.

  3. I was just thinking the other day that it was a shame you never answered your own interview questions! Glad the tables have finally turned on you.

  4. I have very similar lists, and car boots are my 'affliction' too, I came to the same conclusion last year, better to go and moan than to think you've missed the one thing you have been looking for.

  5. Reading about your old rolltop bath, magazine, and gin and tonic made me forget it was 8:18 AM, in a good way.

  6. Love it. I write on my scissors "Fabric Only" and of course the word fabric rubbed off. So now it only says "only". Which makes no sense. I've been know to fling dull clippers and scissors in the trash out of frustration. Nothing worse. Jane - maybe you can start a new list. Things you can live without :)

    Congrats on the incoming addition to the family Lotte!