Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Week In Review

Well it's not as though I've just been lying about reading the hunger games.

There was the gym and Zumba.  Mr. Baby or,the little pasha I like to call him now, dropped by on Wednesday.

There was the unforseen bobbing of the hair on Thursday afternoon.

Oh,and a ban on computer use after 10:00PM.  

And work; weddings.  The garden: weeding.  

And today, Sunday?  No sun at all. Much needed rain instead.

Trip to the farm rainchecked.

There might be a pedicure and or movie.  There is the gym.  And the possibility of a nap.

And a visit to see what you've been up to.

Much needed rain indeed:-)


  1. Hoorah for rain! Never have I missed April showers more.

    Is that astrantia at the top of the first picture? I hope so. Mine was poking up yesterday pre-rain.

    Hope you have a lovely day - full of rest and recuperating. I'm planning the same.

  2. these photos are spectacular jane.
    we need rain too, it was in the 90's here, like summer. way too soon.

    i'm liking the computer time adjustment. i need to do that too.


  3. Writhing in unbridled astrantia envy!!

    Mine are just a couple of leaves poking out of the earth at the moment, flowers are weeks, if not months away!

    Can't tell you how impressed I am with your exercise regime - how often is enough to make a real fitness difference do you think? If I swam hard three times a week on top of the dogwalking - is that enough do you think? Would you email me your thoughts, as someone who has really made the change to proper fitness? I'm sick of feeling a bit of a weakling!;)

  4. Sorry to show such garden ignorance but what is the purple thingy!!!!!
    It is rather magnificent as are you with your work and exercise regime I am enormously impressed!!! xx

  5. We're waiting on our share of rain too. I've advised the thirsty garden and it's giddy with anticipation.

    The perfect day for a nap.

  6. Such a pretty bouquet Jane! My astrancia is poking up from the garden too, but at the Flower Market it's bunched up for the picking!!

    I'm waiting with Steve for this forecast rain...we'll see.

  7. Seems like we've all got rain on the brain. Thank goodness it's here. Beautiful bouquet busy lady.

  8. Delicious. Really. Kind of made me hungry. Enjoy your little Pasha and the sweet sound of rain today. (i'd almost forgotten what it was like)

  9. Ohhh, as always the flowers are beautiful! Enjoy your afternoon. Bonnie

  10. What if the world needs you after 10pm and you are banned from donning the special suit?

    And the bobbed hair: fetching?

  11. How has the post-10:00 PM ban been working out? Love that last image. The delicate flowers against the sturdy wood grain makes such a great contrast.

  12. We had an all day rain too. Just wonderful. Love the flower photos, especially the first one. Is that astrantia, the amazing star shaped one? I would love to grow it, but have not had much luck so far. Post 10 pm computer ban sounds like a great idea. XO.

  13. Webb, Yes astrantia. I've never grown it. such beautiful colors and such a long lasting cut flower.

    How about this rain? Yippee!

    Janet, we had that heat last Monday. now it's 50 and rainy. Sheesh. If we were in charge...

    Belinda, 3 times a week swimming plus dog walking? That's plenty I would think. Then of course there's diet. I'll email you.

    Jules, The purple thingy is astrantia. A honey of a flower. Luckily I have GG for inspiration. She keeps me moving.

    Steve, saw you got your rain. Did you get your nap?

    Shelley, cold and rainy. Perfect Sunday, right?

    Astrantia, not mine, from California I reckon. love.

    Amelia, wet brain, right?

    LPC,Thank you. xo

    Sweetgum Thursday. What a rain, steady, light, soaking in. Beautiful sleeping weather.

    Bonnie, Thank you. I did. Hopefully you too.

    Mise, well if I am alerted as to the problem of course i will sign on. i understand i have responsibilities. I love the bob!

    Denise, The only problem so far is i don't get any computer time. but I do get some sweet sleep:-)

    lotta, Only 5 minutes to computer shut down. yes astrantia. i have never tried to grow it but Webb outside of Richmond seems to have it going on. She sowed seeds in the fall. ooops gotta run!

  14. What movie did you see? What color did you paint your toes? (I'm feeling nosy) :)

  15. Yes, we got the rain on Sunday too, and were to glad to have it. Saturday night I woke up around 3 am to the sound of it (rain) and realized that it was a PERFECT night for sleeping with the windows open. A cool breeze (not too cold), light rain and the frogs and toad out in the pond were singing out their joy! Lovely.

  16. p.s. I posted the pictures of the weeeds. See what you think...

  17. Beautiful images and what a bouquet.
    Good for you for being diligent about going to the gym. Bravo

    Helen xx

  18. So pretty, what's the peach rose?

    The season has begun, already The Hound is neglected and has exacted his revenge by peeing on my sweet pea plants.


  19. Gorgeous Flowers and it sounds like a good week to me!!

    Jane, I am featuring Friend, Anita Rivera, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages, & her Giveaway on my site!

    Art by Karena

  20. wow that button hole is really, really lovely!! x

  21. I love my visits to small but charming land. Always pretty, humorous, heartfelt things going on. Makes me feel that all is well.

  22. Oh, those flowers very very pretty!

    Glad your rain fell. We have had enough of it for the time being and would love to have a little bit of sun :-)

    Enjoy your day!

    Madelief x

  23. Just gorgeous! Oh i love these soft colors!
    Yo it's raining here today and all I can do is catch up on blogs.. and I'm so happy to have found yours!
    Loving it,