Friday, April 27, 2012

It Was A Very Good Year

Though I had hoped to have a 10 things list up for you last night, the beautiful pictures were too big for blogger to upload.  We're working on that.

We're also working in the garden.  Not as hard as the weigela or the baby love roses, both having a spectacular year. 

The red charm peonies are ready for picking and the Spanish lavender is stopping traffic on our little street.

All of this a prelude to the coming Monday.  Flowers In The House Monday.  Cut 'em from your garden or terrace.  Buy them at your independently owned flower shop or greengrocer.

But join us in a spring floral chain on the last day of April and help me celebrate 6 months cigarette free!

Breathe. Release. Repeat.  For real.

xo Jane


  1. Your garden is looking great. What's the silver stuff in front of the lavender? Is it rose campion?

    CONGRATS on six months! Where did they go?

  2. I'll do my best to remember on Monday - but oh, retirement is so BUSY!!

  3. You clever girl...well done!!!
    I have three roses left I don't dare pick them as they are the only colour in the garden but I will check them out in the morning and I think I can pull one in through the window...does that count as in the house?!!!!!

  4. Your garden is truly charming. I love everything.
    6 months! So happy for you!

  5. How interesting! My lavender won't be out until July. I do love following your blog. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...both the pictures and the sixth months! Hope to see you on Monday. My garden is just starting to bloom...not yet picture worthy, although I finally had some success with peonies which have never before bloomed for me. Three buds swelling.

  7. i'll be there b/c i have no excuse not to be, the garden is exploding at the moment.
    it looks like lambs ear in front of the spanish lavender, is it?

  8. Your garden is looking great.
    Your Weigela is looking much better than the Weigela 'Wine &Roses' variety we grow here.

  9. Your lavender is too good! I love the Spanish variety...(it reminds me of bunny rabbits or bees or something.) I never have much perennial luck with Lavender. Darn Chicago winters. It all looks dreamy.

  10. Garden looks beautiful. Been mulling over whether to get a weigela to replace the dreaded forsythia once it's removed (Saturday, cross fingers), I think I've just been convinced.

  11. Six months! I am so proud of you. THat is so tough, and you have done so well.

    Garden looks wonderful. I want those peonies!

  12. Six months, Jane! That must surely be the worst of it over. But where are those fits of bad tempered withdrawal blogging you were warning us of? We have taken out supplementary insurance and will feel hard-done by if the whole thing passes by with your usual sweet-natured charm.

  13. Gorgeous flowers Jane!! Congrats on six months yay : )

  14. Steve, it's lamb ears.....they love it here.

    I can't find my rose campion. Funny that.

    Rachel, I know miss but surely you have something blooming in your garden...

    Jules, yes totally it does. Some people just take pictures of flowers on the house. No serious rules here:-)

    Jen, Thank you. Hope to see you Monday.

    LPC, Isn't that funny about the lavender? Now my English is starting to bloom.

    Heather, 3 peonies are a big deal. New year maybe 10. And on and on and on. heaven on earth they are.

    Janet, Looking forward to your house full of roses. Yes, lambs ears. The little cuties.

    Paul, really? I love the wine and roses and often wish I had planted it instead. You just made me feel better.

    Becca, I know totally bumble bees, right? Can you overwinter any lavender there?

    Amelia, Yes get it just because it's so much fun to say besides being so beautiful and disease resistant.

    Webb, thank you, thank you. Gotta get a charm either coral or red. Beauties.

    Mise, As long as I had a steady stream of snacks and workouts planned I didn't go too crazy....well maybe you should ask my coworkers about this issue....they nay suggest you renew your policy!

    Robyn, Thank you!!

  15. SIX months! BRAVO! And those peonies are gorgeous.

  16. Six months Jane...congratulations! Your garden looks amazing....those peonies are fabulous...I can hardly wait to dig in my dirt in Connecticut. Gardening in CA is too planned and the soil is like clay.

  17. six months! Congratulations!!

  18. I want to add my congratulations on your six months smoke-free. And how wonderful to be out in your garden and smelling only the earth and the flowers!
    I have a lavender that's marginally hardy in Minnesota, it's one of the English lavenders (can't remember the exact cultivar); it came through the recent not-really-winter just fine, but I'll probably have to coddle it in future if I want to keep it.
    I'm not sure what I'll be able to cut for Monday's flower tour, the first flush of spring flowers are fading just now, but I'll think of something!
    Your garden looks fabulous, btw.

  19. loving your blog! What a charming title and I'm so enjoying going through your posts.. such a perfect activity for a rainy day!