Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Just a quick hello.  GG has taken the day off so we'll be enjoying another morning of boot camp gardening.

At least we won't have to stop at noon as we did yesterday so I could run to the gym for an hour with Andrew.

Stop working out so we can work out?  Curious.

Saturday was a blur of activity:  adding ribbons to bouquets, packing all and then hauling them and the centerpieces up the steps from the basement to the van.  Up a long stairway.  21 pieces for one wedding not including the cake bottles. 42 for the gala.  11 For the other wedding. That's a lot of up and down.  Gwen and I kept trying to do the math and figure out how many trips we'd be taking but some only carried one at a time(me) others two in a small bread tray.  Variable math is not my strong point but I love that I kept trying to work the numbers out. Self soothing:-)

So a few shots, a bit of  the all Coral Charm peony bouquet. The bridesmaids carried all vodoo roses.

And after the simplicity of the bouquets, the centerpieces and buffet arrangements were full of color and movement and sweetness. They had brought us a case of empty coke bottles to fill with loose stems for the cocktail tables and buffets. Did they drink 36 bottles or pour them down the drain?  I didn't dare to ask.

I am being served an incredible looking and smelling breakfast burrito here so it's time to run.  She's fattening me up for our own private hunger games in the back yard.

90degrees here today.


  1. Ok, now that song is in my head all day....

    Those peony's are so gorgeous.

    I don;t know what's worse. Drinking 36 bottles of coke or the damage to your pipes flushing it down the sink.

  2. Do you ever slow least you are surrounded by gardens and flowers, that's a good thing.

    We were slammed with last minute corsage orders on Sat. ... who orders a corsage one hour before prom?!?! The roses were gone by noon so it was fun.

    Enjoy your day and that burrito!

  3. Wow, I love those colors. And it looks like you used geranium (that is, pelargonium) foliage with the coral peonies. Or is that something else? I like it, anyway.

    Gardening in 90 degrees? In April? Poor you! We had rainy and balmy yesterday with temps around 70, then a precipitous drop and now in the 40s. I love it. And it's slowed the lilacs down nicely. Maybe they'll last more than a couple of weeks this spring--they usually start in May and then the heat zaps them.

  4. beautiful boquets jane.

    i remember the day i was driving to the gym and thinking this is insane. why not just walk? haha. i'm a slow learner.

    have a lovely one.

  5. Love the colors of the peonies and roses!

  6. Those colors were just gorgeous. WOW!!

  7. Whew!!!! almost 90 here too. Boston Marathoners going to be dropping at Heartbreak Hill I'm afraid.

    What would life be like without Coral Charm???

    I'm guessing: drank them.

  8. Are those hot yellow roses the voodoo roses? I really like them. Enjoyed your math variable soothing--I do that kind of thing too.

  9. Hi Jane,

    You sound so busy again! Do you ever have time for yourself?! L

    LOVE your flowers!

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  10. Hi Jane, the flowers are simple and beautiful. You shouldn't need to work out with all that to-ing and fro-ing! Love Linda x

  11. So hot already?! It's freezing here and doing the whole sunshine and showers thing over hear. Weather chat, I could go on, but won't and will marvel at your gorge peonies instead. Bx

  12. over 'here'. geez my typos are tragic. x

  13. The wedding season is upon us. The bouquets are beautiful. I hope you survived you morning games. Your reward...long bath, your favorite beverage and a book. Enjoy!

  14. I share your pain - well not the upping and downing the stairs, but the 90 degree garden. Worked til I nearly dropped yesterday, and got jolly little done!

    Really don't like this hot april ... and where the heck are the showers?


  15. Thats a lot of work!!


  16. Yay! All KINDA floral artistry going on round here.

  17. Can I have the peonies please?!!!
    Doesn't really sound as though you need the gym at al!!!!! xx

  18. Not sure if I would rather have those pink peonies or the breakfast burrito! So lovely!

  19. I'm trying to find a bouquet of peonies for so long!

    I love them! Great flowers :)


  20. Beautiful bouquets! Love the coke bottle vases. Used to do that when I was a child with Mama's beautiful red spider lillies in the fall. Thanks for the memory jog!

  21. You're yet another blog whose posts aren't loading into my reader. What the hell?

    Is it you or me?

  22. Gorgeous blooms. I want an incredible looking and smelling breakfast burrito. My breakfast was far too humdrum today...

  23. Those orange roses are to die for.. totally my colors! Just too tiny of a peek! I could look at image after image of this gorgeousness!