Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Was Then

Thinking of my friend Julia today.  Her birthday was March 7th.  We have been friends since high school.

So very different.  She has always been conservative with money.  I swear she still has dollars in the bank from our first jobs together.  I bet I still owe her some bucks that I 'borrowed" back then.  Trust me she will know.

She has never married, well one common law in Colorado years ago.  Me? Many.  A hopeless romantic and serial bride.

Julia?  Almost a luddite. No computer, only got a cell phone a few years ago, still has a dial phone at home.
She would no more read this blog than I would go raise a barn.  I'm actually more like to participate in a barn raising.

She has composted almost since birth and has never let a empty yogurt container go unused. I don't think she has ever thrown out a scrap of food.  She has even traveled to visit me, from Michigan, with a sack full of leftovers.

She has a very difficult time "letting go" of both memories and things that evoke memories.  This can be a problem as it may take 5 years to sort through the possessions of a dead parent.  It can also be a blessing for me as she has kept various things of mine over the years that she feared I would move on and dispose of.

I was an only child and both my parents are dead.  Julia is the repository of my history.  As I am of hers.

I could make her laugh till she cried.   We spent hours pouring over fashion magazines, smoked our first joint together, lost our virginity within hours of one another.

Hmm, guess I wasn't an only child after all.  

And it sounds like a trip to Michigan should be in the offing this summer.

Seize the hour. Enjoy the light.


  1. I LOVE the light. Canada has only done this for a couple of years. Until then, they waiting until the end of April which was awful!

    I need more eccentric friends.....

  2. Shared history is something isn't it? Almost like a family bond as you suggest. Lovely post! xx

  3. Now that's a wonderful friendship.

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your friend Jane! I hope you will be able to visit her soon.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  5. Absolutely! The friends that you can see every ten years and pick up the conversation at the next word are the very best. Hope you get a chance to visit soon.

    Hope you are sharing this gorgeous day, too!

  6. What a nice little story. It's nice that after time, distance and your differences you've been able to maintain a friendship. That takes a lot of work sometimes.

  7. These are the friendships that stay with us for life and sometimes we take them for granted, we shouldn't, I would say a visit soon is a wonderful idea. xx

  8. What an artful, interesting depiction of your friend and your friendship. In just a few words you told us so much about her (and you). I enjoyed reading it.

  9. I was touched by your story. As I approach my own March birthday, I have been thinking of the many friends who have been a part of my story. Thanks for sharing such intimate memories.

  10. Hello Jane,

    I smiled when I read about Julia My lifetime friend sounds very much like her. She is frugal and will not spend her hard earned dollars on a computer.She has a photographic memory of my family and the fun through the years. She also can do the best interpretation of Elvis Presley I have ever seen and is one of the funniest people I know.
    I hope you return to visit Julia this summer and no doubt there will be stories

    Helen xx

  11. Old friends who hold your history are the best. Go and visit, then tell us all about it. Take leftovers.

  12. You're a good friend Jane and from what I read so is Julia. Lovely relationship.

  13. I'm a fairly new follower of your blog...just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoy your posts and your writing style. This post is such a sweet tribute to your friend!