Monday, March 12, 2012

Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot

I couldn't resist a few pictures from this Sunday's offering at Trader Joe's.  A pre St. Patrick's Day shot containing ice cream, Irish Creme and Guinness.( I stand corrected it was Guinness OR Irish Creme as ever Steve is right.)

This was far more popular that last week's yogurt dip. The "bar" ista was happy.

GG , er the customers were happy.
 See the boom box?  Last week it was "New York, New York".  This week?  Changing Your Demeanour"

I don't drink but I do dance. Thank God I was the one with the camera.

And the Peony tulip?  How did it grow?

As of yesterday it opened  to a full five inches of ruffled beauty.

Let's see anything else?

Oh God the cat.  The cat on the box who moved to the closet who slept on the boots who slept on the sweater who moved to the kitchen and now sleeps on the throw rug in front of the sink.

This makes dish washing a wee bit tricky....any suggestions?


  1. Good grief, isn't it obvious? Move the sink.

  2. Yeah, move the sink or straddle the cat.

  3. Ice cream, Bailey's and Guinness all in one shot? I'm not buying in.

    I think kitty is hinting that she wants a bath.

  4. Thanks Ladies. I Have to go get my hair cut, when I return I'll move the sink.

    Better yet, I'll move the cat to one of your houses!

  5. I've been catching up with you, didn't turn my computer on all weekend, you've been busy. Max lies on the throw rug in front of the sink too which makes me lean over him in a very uncomfortable position cause it never occurs to me to interrupt him. I recently thought of moving the rug, hadn't thought of the sink...hmm have some thinking to do.

  6. I didn't know there was such a thing as a peony tulip. I need one.

  7. How about moving the rug? It's easier and cheaper that moving the sink;) The peony tulip is gorgeous. Hugs, Bonnie

  8. That tulip is magnificent. If they looked like that originally it is easy to see why they cost more than their weight in gold!!!!!
    Jane at least she is not nesting!!!

  9. Did you see the shamrocks for sale at TJs? I burst out laughing when I spied those. I know it as oxalis and it is a WEED in my yard. I'm doing a post on that later this week, I think.


  10. Can't believe anyone actually drank that combination - I could manage the ice cream, but definitely not the Guiness!

    I'm for moving the rug - easy to say since I'm a dog person and have no experience at all with indoor cats. Love the tulip.

    All this early spring is making me want early summer! xoxo

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  12. Your cat looks like mine!

    And your cat sits wherever she wants, just as mine do. That's how cats roll.

  13. I say the cat remains as is and forget about the dishes.

    Another great post

    Helen xx

  14. I would gently slide the rug to one side.

  15. Doesn't just one drop of water send her packing? Just sayin...
    Also- the tulip is FABULOUS!

  16. My dog loves to lay in front of the kitchen sink, it's less than convenient.
    And you've got me all jealous of Trader Joes again! :)