Friday, March 9, 2012

The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring

Tra La.

It's not often ( insert never) that I skip home from work on Friday with a handful of fragrant flowers, immediately run the vacuum, pop said flowers in bottles and take pictures of them.  And then write a post about it!

I think the approaching spring has worked some magic on my psyche.

And the amazing flowers we got in this week from California have just added to the charm.

We deal with a wholesaler in San Francisco called Brannan Street.  Our salesperson is Anne.

The plan is as follows: once a week, Anne selects the newest, coolest stems and plants from her stock and ships them to us Fed Ex.

Every Thursday we get a mystery box full of flowers just that much bigger and brighter than what we find on the East Coast. Her handwriting is another mystery so we're not always sure what we have but we know we love it.

Because I'm such a team player I always offer to take some home in order to test their longevity.  I'm helpful that way.

This week? Unbelievably fragrant gardenia blossoms on a very long stem with lots of glossy green leaves. Sigh.

A beautiful French tulip we call a peony tulip.  You can only imagine how many layers of petals are curled up in here. I will take another picture when it's fully open

And one light pink garden rose that comes with no name and not too much of a scent but what a perfect color and shape.

 If anyone has the actual names of these shout em out.  If not, just relax and enjoy them as I do.

Here's hoping you all relax and enjoy an early spring weekend and an extra hour of light.

xo Jane


  1. I'm so psyched about the time change. Despite the loss of an hour's beauty sleep, the extra light makes me transform from ogre to curmudgeon.

  2. I'm with Steve - can't wait for Sunday and longer afternoons NEXT week for doing a little this and a little that. [Ok, I'm gonna be weeding, but let's put a nice face on it.]

    Love your California flowers, and hope you start getting ranunculus soon. Remember the ones we planted last spring? It looks like I have two coming up already. Mulched heavily last fall to protect them, so there may be more lurking underneath. Sure hope so!

  3. I need that extra light! And those flowers are dreamy--they had me investigating the website, missing San Francisco, and plotting how to get flowers into my store.

  4. How did I not know there was such a thing as a Peony Tulip?! I haven't seen any of those in our shop's cooler but you can bet I'm on a mission now.

    Enjoy the light! It changes me into a whole different person. :)

  5. Beautiful. I do believe I drove right by Brannan Street, just the other day:). The SF Flower Mart is right off the freeway. It's a cool way to enter the city.

  6. so glad california could help you out. those flowers are just beautiful and look like they belong. have a good weekend jane. xo janet

  7. The 'peony tulip' is a sight to behold. I really want to see it as it opens up. xx

  8. Ooooh, that tulip.... sigh....

  9. Steve, I am too. And it's supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow so there may be yard work! Yay to work!

    Webb, Me too, weeding this is. My weeds are HUGE this year, never died back. Ug. I will have to check for my ranunculus!

    Jen, Would you not love to sell bunches of stems on the weekends? And take the leftovers home?

    Sarah, Aren't they amazing? And they come in such a variety of colors.

    LPC, Lucky you, I've never been to the market in SF, I think I need to visit.

    Janet, California. where the flowers are bigger and the thrifting is better and cheaper:-)

    Jules, Camera at the ready!

    Rachel, I know.

  10. Im relaxing and enjoying your stems ..mucho gracias. Sinead x

  11. Contacted your wholesaler! Pruning roses tomorrow! 60 degrees!

  12. I love the gardenia blossom in a bottle next two your candles and bowl of pretty together.

  13. Ooo, ooo, I know Brennan Street! One day you will come to SF and we can visit them together at the flower market.