Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Most Wonderful Thing About Tigger....

The mysteries of babies run deep.  What are they saying? Is it really a,e,i,o,u?  Can vowels be learned at 10 weeks?

And what sea entity do the constant drifting movements of a baby's hands and feet remind me of?

Sea weed?  Sea anemones?  Squid?

Or are they homeboy hand movements?  Have I sung I'm Sexy And I Know It to him too many times?

While GG and I were homeboy sitting, letting mama hit the gym, my friend Rachel over in England was setting up 10.

10 things she can't live without.  You will love them.  Rachel has a blog full of dogs and cats and her beautiful new house, country walks, fresh baked scones and a garden in the making.  She has a lovely son, loyal friends and a very wry sense of humor.  When I do my Grand Tour I hope to drop by her house for a brisk walk and a cream tea. Maybe a slice of cake too.  Apparently a long brisk walk is called for.

I'm going to link you up with her and then go take a peek in the bedroom.

Do you think he's awake yet?

Does this mean that every time we babysit Mr. Baby is gong to get a post?

What do you think?


  1. Mister Baby is apparently the most important subject of the moment...and why not? Who else will run the world for us? Just the babies we love and nurture..and nurture and love. Very important blog subjects!

  2. I'm game for a little baby time!

    And I'm heading over right now to see what's up over in England. I love to find new blogs.

    I get to babysit the newborn next's so much fun holding a baby again. :)

  3. We can never have too much Mr. Baby.

  4. Mr Baby posts are unquestionably a necessity of life!!
    We enjoy them too but it would be nicer if we had smellblogger!!! Is there anything better than a quick sniff when they are cuddled up close?!!
    Jane he is growing so quickly! xxx

  5. He's precious, and you are very generous to share him with us - toothless grin and all!

    Enjoy your time with him. It will be way too fleeting. xoxo

  6. Ahh...I want a Mr (or Ms would be great,too!) Baby in my life. Only for babysitting, though!

  7. Of course he's got to have a post every time you baby sit! And when he's old enough, you can help him set up his own blog.

  8. Oh, and thank you for the generous link to me. Not necessary but so nice.... x

  9. Oh-h-h sweet baby. Enjoy your time with him. I loved Rachel's "10". Delightful! I so understand the "underwire". Where would we be without.... Thanks for sharing. Hugs! Bonnie

  10. My my, Mr. Baby grows by the millisecond. I'm afraid next time we see him he'll be Mr. Toddler!

  11. And love the mustache on the pacifier!

  12. And love the mustache on the pacifier!