Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rumor Has It

Did I tell you we babysit on Wednesday nights now?  We get Emil and his dog Balu.  So that gives us 2 labs, 1 baby and various friends and neighbors who drop by to worship visit with the little prince.  I find myself turning into a court jester in my constant attempts to amuse him. There may be better things than making a baby laugh but I either gave them up years ago or I haven't found them yet.

So far this week we've had GG's birthday on  Monday, babysitting tonight, zumba tomorrow and then The Hai and his new GF hit town on Friday.  Let the games begin.

And I'm hoping to put up a new 10 things list tomorrow if a certain someone sends me her pictures.  Oh and then I believe next Monday is  Flowers In The House.  You can of course do flowers and babies in the house if you like but it was suggested to me last month it might be over the top....whatever.

Am I forgetting anything, anyone?

 I know, am I the last person out there to love this blog?

So get your motors running, head out to the garden you might even have a few stems to bring indoors.  If not, hit up your local  florist. It's tulip time.


  1. Oh, Baby Wednesday. I like it. Enjoy that little prince. I need some tulips.

  2. How wonderful your Wednesday evenings are.. and belated happy birthday to GG. Hope she had a good one. x

  3. Oh GG I am so sorry...I was so busy celebrating my, and my daughter's birthdays that I forgot you were also a beautiful 19th baby!
    I hope it was a wonderful day and that Jane spoilt you rotten. xx

  4. O.k. Jane, I'm in...I think I'm organized now...been back from Oz for 2 weeks now...feeling human again...I think..and am ready for some flowers in the house...can hardly ignore them here in England with beauties popping up all over the place...lovely photos of the prince...he's starting to look human too!! Robx

  5. Oh, Jane, how lovely to get quality time with His Highness, and weekly, too. I hope you realize what a huge compliment that is to you and GG. He is just precious!

    Belated Happy Birthday to GG.

    Hope you are reveling in this wonderful weather... but what will May be like? xo

  6. SO cute - just found your blog. Babies & Springtime - happy, happy times!

  7. I'm not sure I have an material for a "Babies in the House" post but maybe a few flowers. Maybe some baby's breath.

  8. so much goodness in one week. Isn't it grand to have a baby in the house...the little one next door visits and we act like brand new parents again.

    Happy Bday GG!

    I'm enjoy a forsythia branch in my vase today ~

  9. I find that tummy kisses and dangling keys always amuse babies...or is that Max? Whatever it works for both. He is just adorable and you have a very busy week. Happy belated GG. See you Monday!

    PS. Love the blog suggestion :)

  10. OK, Jane, flowers AND babies on the same day. Is it ok if we do flowers AND babies AND choux pastry swans or is that just showing off?

  11. please don't start babies in the house. i'm having a hard enough time doing flowers in the house!

    that baby is SO DANG CUTE!


  12. so funny, all these comments about babies in the house :)
    Flowers on Monday, OK.I think I will find something.
    And Jaime´s blog is a very favourite of mine.

  13. Wonderful. I need a baby to borrow, somehow, somewhere.