Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Things I Can't Live Without: BowStreetFlowers

I'm quite sure that to know Shelley of Bow Street Flowers is to love her. She's talented, funny and kind.  A charming shop filled with sunlight and bunnies, flowers and beautiful arrangements only adds to her allure.
She appears to have mentored many designers and whether they've  gone on to open their own business or gone back to school, they stay in touch, read her blog religiously and come back to help her out whenever possible. 
I was delighted to get her list and even more thrilled to get her pictures.  We all know about Joe her wonderful husband.  What we didn't know was how good looking Joe is.  
And Blossom, the dog. Look at that face.  Though he has a few bad habits you'll read about below you'll forget what Shelley says as soon as you see that face. Thief, what?
I've loved getting to know Shelley via our blogs and our many emails.  Maybe next summer on the Cape?

Too many wonderful people and other things, but today, these are the
Ten things I can't live without:

Joe, who made it possible for me to own Bow Street Flowers, who does the laundry, cooks many dinners, cleans the house when I can't, makes me laugh, and welcomes all the dogs we've had in our lives, even when he swears we can't afford any more.

Dogs. I love their sloppy faces, the smell of their fur, their goofy antics, their barks, their greediness. Blossom is devoted to Joe and barely greets me when I come home. He's a whiner, a thief, and a pest, but I love the rosy glow around his nose when he sleeps, his slow, even breathing, and the rare occasion when he cuddles up against me in bed on cold Sunday mornings. And yes, Joe, there's another dog in the wings....I wonder who it will be?

Flowers, growing or cut. This is a love affair that will never die.

The spicy fragrance of carnations. I wear Dianthus perfume by Etro.

Cashmere in the winter: at seven dollars each, cashmere at the Goodwill is a luxury I can afford. On cold days, I bundle up in layers of it, rather than wear a heavy, bulky coat.

Peets coffee. Strong, fragrant, coffee -coffee. My morning worship.

My pottery classes. In three years I haven't made much progress, but those three hours a week clear my head of everything but clay.

Some people can't live without catsup or marmite. I can't live without lemons.
Hot lemon water in the winter, lemon on my salad, my pasta, my rice, my broccoli.

Albarino. I love it, it loves me back. A happy wine.

My best friend, Antonet. Although she lives in California, she is with me every day.

PBS. What would I do without Rick Steves, The News Hour, Downton Abbey, Antiques Roadshow, Nova, Frontline, Sherlock Holmes, etc.


  1. I like this idea of bundling up in layers of cashmere instead of a bulky coat. Thanks, from a fellow lemon lover.

  2. What a fun list! It's nice to get to know a bit more about your blog friends. I love her flowers and the shop!

  3. i like your ten things. and i'm so with you on the lemon thing.

  4. Such a rich and loving list. The expressiveness of Joe and Blossom and beauty of the flowers tell me a lot about you. I am so with you on Peets coffee and lemons, though you neglected to mention lemon pound cake...

  5. Dearest Jane, thank you for your 'gentle' persistence this week, and your sweet introduction. The Cape? I insist.

  6. what a sweet list! i love lemons too!
    and what a hunk!

    what is that movie thing up there jane, that won't open?

  7. I didn't know you were featuring my neighbor today. Good to know a little more about her. I've never met Joe or Blossom or known anything about the lemons. I'll bet if she was allowed one more thing, it would involve burros.

  8. This list is honest, essential Shelley. Love it, it makes me miss her even more.
    -a designer she mentored who moved away but keeps in daily touch. :)

  9. Just catching up on all the posts, i love that dogs feature heavily in these posts