Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost and Found

Lost, in the weeds.
When winter jumps into spring and spring bleeds into summer all in the space of two weeks this gardener is a goner.

Before I had time to pick up a pair of shears or a lopper, everything grew and grew. And I mean everything: roses, hydrangeas, tulips already blooming, daffodils long gone but oh the weeds.

They are tall and green and covered with flowers, I pull, the pollen leaps and the lab and I sneeze. Synchronized sneezing.  Watch for it at this summers' Olympics.

And what's been found you may wonder besides a pile of work and some beautiful blossoms?

Old friends.  The friends of my 20's.  There was an article last Thursday in the NYT about a clothing designer named Douglas Ferguson. 

He and I and a third friend, Renee had what R. refers to as a "fortunate youth".  I just found her last night via the power of social media. She's living the life I would have imagined for her, a house, a same sex spouse, 4 cats, too many books and much music.  The other option, in my mind, would have been a hermetic existence on a houseboat in Paris. With the books, music and Gauloises of course.

She has a beautiful laugh.

And Douglas?  Since we've parted ways he's studied in Rome, had 3 of his Goddess dresses exibited at the Met in 2003 as part of a costume exhibit and appears to charmed his way into a circle of people that included Diana Vreeland and Patricia Fields.

His life too seems a perfect fit.

He says we're all a part of Indra's net.  After looking it up I have to agree.

And I feel like this age might also be looked upon as fortunate.

Enough philosophy, the garden is calling.  I have pansies to be planted.


  1. Last year was a good year for weeds, and this year looks like it will surpass last year. Round-Up in a 2-gallon sprayer, two tanks-full so far, have been the tale of my morning. It's the only way I can even hope to keep up.

    How wonderfully you speak of your frinds. I can picture them now .... for all its faults, we have to appreciate the power of social media to bring us together.

  2. Social media's great...but I guess only if you want to be found.

    I can't believe you're so far ahead of us. My garden is still very brown with only a few crocus the squirrels were too full to eat and just moved to another location.

  3. Your now seems very fortunate. Enjoy those pansies.

  4. And you three must all, then and now, have created your own good fortune to some extent. Chances are you all had (one each) a beautiful laugh.

  5. your garden is way ahead of mine jane. mine is a mess though and needs my attention. social media kinda scares me which is weird coming from someone who writes a blog. but it does, how weird is that?


  6. When sneezing is in the Olympics, I shall join your synchronized group. A few more folks and we can really perform. Lovely story and photos. Denise

  7. I share your garden woes - can't possibly get the weeds out fast enough and am afraid to plant flower seeds lest we have another hard freeze - with the winter we have had, who knows?

    It's happy meeting up with old friends. Have done it a couple of times, but you know, we've drifted again. Kinda thinking that it's hard to go back if there wasn't anything to hold together long ago.

    Hope you get invited to some fancy pants events tho! xoxo

  8. Just spent my weekend cleaning up the gardens. A lot of work, but so nice to be outside in a t-shirt and shorts!

    And isn't it nice to find good, old, friends? And to know their lives are as good as you had wanted them to be? I'm a huge believer in Indra's Net and our connections to every one and everything.

  9. Connie, I get rid on mine the old fashioned way. ouch. And now I'll take the old fashioned remedy: a hot bath and 2 advil:-)

    Steve, We are now on a par with Atlantas' weather...course now I wonder how far ahead Atlanta is..

    Denise, As ever you are correct. always good to recognize one's good fortune.

    Mise, I can't remember Douglas's and on occasion I sound like a witch. But I know we all laughed together constantly.

    Janet, How can it be you live in sunny California? so are you not on FB?

    Bare Mtn. Farm, Welcome fellow athlete! I'm sure there are other sufferers out there.

    Webb, it's ungodly isn't it? Each bed is one big mat o weeds.

    Fancy schmancy, I'm much more likely to be invited out for a cuppa joe.

    Karin, Oh so nice, I might have a touch of color and a boat load of sore muscles.

    Yes it's beyond nice. it's warm the cockles of my heart nice.

  10. I second Urban Cottage on what a difference a few hundred miles make. My first crocuses appeared today.

    You sound happy. And that makes me happy.

  11. While I can't claim an synchronized sneezing acumen with my pets, I have noticed that when I sneeze, my cat meows, as if in answer. If I have a sneezing fit, we carry on a regular conversation!

    We are all brown here in Mpls., too. Although tonight's rain should green up the grass a bit. And I did see crocuses blooming on the south side of a house just yesterday. I do believe a bit of color is just around the corner.

  12. We are having some gorgeous Spring weather in Blighty, don't tell the weeds! xx

  13. Fun to catch up and connect with old friends. Our NC weather is spectacular and we are a month ahead in our blooming...gorgeous images!