Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me? Not much. You?

1200 red roses
300 pink roses
200 yellow roses
250 white roses
200 brown roses
75 peach roses
100 lavender roses
orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, callas, scented geranium, hypericum berries, wax flower, heather, scabiosa, anemones, ranunculus, jasmine, pussy willow, quince, cherry, forsythia,

And sweet peas.

2 flower cleaners. 5 drivers. 5 designers. 

Adele 21. LMFAO. Mambo Italiano.

Iced skim lattes.  Laughing.  Cursing.  Constant application of lip salve.

Red t shirt, pencil jeans, gold bangles, silver from Tiffanys, eye liner, no smoking.

Happy Valentine's Day?


  1. Wowzas, that is some list!

    I guess if you can make it through V day with no ciggies you have totally cracked it. Respect.

    See you the other side, the latte and lipbalm combo will see you through! xxxx

  2. Will be thinking of you the next couple of days - know you will sail thru but come out exhausted on the far side. The silver lining is that the recipients will be thrilled.

    Hang in there, Girl! xoxo

  3. I can smell the scent all the way from here. Best wishes for a smooth holiday.

  4. I cannot imagine what you go through for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the hint.

  5. This is the best part of it. Just can't beat looking down into the faces of all the beauties. And then, it begins.

  6. The aroma must be intoxicating! And those sweet peas are just so...Just noticed, you barely mention smoking anymore...means you've kicked it, YAY! Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. ...and that beautiful Valentine pumping inside of you? It says thank you, thank you!!!!

  8. Oh Jane,

    Hope you will have a lovely day despite the busy time you must have in your shop!

    I read your question in my last post about the 'ten things list'. Do you mind awfully when I say no? I do like the lists very much, but it takes up a lot of time making one :-(. I already have difficulty finding time to leave comments on the blogs of my friends. I hope you will understand?!

    Veel lieve groetjes & een fijne nieuwe week!

    Madelief x

  9. Oh those sweet peas...
    Great post. Good luck over the next couple of days.

  10. same to you missy. see you on the flip side.

  11. bon voyage! sounds like you have a bevy of beauties there to get stuck into...see you on the other side x

  12. What very, very, very lucky recipients.

  13. It's you who deserves the flowers, Jane, and nice ones at that. Valentine's Day is a curse - all the lovely simple bunches of spring flowers disappear from the shops, replaced with coiffed monstrosities of exotic blooms from far-flung places at seven times the price. What have we come to? It's only the eyeliner that keeps us afloat at all.

  14. I work hospitality and it the busiest day of our year. I love the romance and love, watching couples enjoy each other. Hope you have a great one! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. Wah! Think of the nice warm bath you will slide into when you get home.

  16. Think of all happiness you're going to bring to a lot of people. :) We've hired extra drivers for our little shop...I've never seen so many red roses!!!
    I would prefer pale pink stock and wax flowers myself but they always seem to stick with those roses.....

    If you can get through Val. Day with no smoking, you are A CHAMP!

  17. Wow that is one scary list!

    Good luck.... and I hope you get the time to snap a pic or two of your Valentine creations for us to sigh over x

  18. Just a big bunch of those sweet peas for me please! That list is incredible. I guess it's good to know that romance is still alive and well! Have just been having the loveliest catchup with your blog and all its doings. I love that new '10 things' series.
    Hope the next few days go well! Amanda xx

  19. Dreaming of sweet peas now! And speaking of sweet peas arent you a bit of sweet pea yourself that you are still off the cigs. Well done you..Sinead x

  20. cute post ~ happy valentine's day : ) Xo

  21. Hello Jane

    Just reading about that quantity of flowers makes me tired. There must be a wonderful buzz at your shop. I am so proud of you for breaking the habit of smoking. Bravo!!! Are you taking Wednesday off?

    Helen xx

  22. brilliant - happy valentines day - so envious of the sweet peas, we will have to wait a little while longer. hope the day goes well.

  23. Sounds like you're having a blast...btw..sweet peas are a Dad used to grow them up the wall of the outside loo when I was little. My knick name was Sweet Pea, my sister's was Pea wee and my youngest sister was Wee wee!! Just a bit of useless information...Robx

  24. Well it's about 7:30 on the east hope this finds you with a glass of wine in hand after what I'm sure was a very long day. Your list...that's a lot of flowers.

  25. Expect you slept extremely well Jane! What a list. Was thinking of you as I walked by our local florist and wondering how you were getting on. Like very much the sound of your outfit. And well done with the no smoking - I read a poster the other day which listed all the benefits of not smoking and apparently after 3.5 months the lungs re-gain the ability to clean themselves again. Pretty clever I thought... yours will be doing just that now ! XX