Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Things I Can't live Without: Ill Seen Ill Said

I don't remember when or how I began reading Ill Seen, Ill Said.  But I do remember I was immediately smitten by the world of Jane Flanagan.  

A Canadian resident with an Irish eye and ear for language and an artists way with color, Jane is  totally engaging whether she's suggesting the perfect outfit to  wear on a sunny Sunday or reviewing the latest book she has read.

Though we share a name we are very different.  Where I'm slapdash, she's thoughtful, when I'm a buy it at the flea market and make it fit she's a researcher who slowly creates the perfect abode.

Go ahead read her list, prepare to be delighted.

10 Things I Can't live Without: Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said

A huge thanks to lovely Jane for inviting me to participate in this series! I'm (another) Jane, from Ill Seen, Ill Said. (link:

There are many things I can't live without of a more abstract nature: A strong sense of home is vital to me. Friends who've got my back. Working and independence. Waking up on Sunday mornings to do whatever I want. My two passports. Creativity fueling all of that, whether I'm the audience or creator. And words, colour, laughter, love; where would we be without any of that?

But I've never been one to scorn the simpler pleasures. They fill in the nooks and crannies of our day-to-day. Not every day is fulfilling at work or features adventure and conquest. Not every day is suffused with creativity. But these things are small pleasures that fill in the in-between, that give me a sense of place and of self. They're the talismans I carry and seek comfort in.

Image credits:
First set: Perfect ballet flats (Lanvin) | Scented candle (Jo Malone) |  Blush (Laura Mercier) | iPhone (Society6) | Fresh flowers (Amy Merrick)
Second set: Yoga (Lululemon) | Pain au chocolat (Nadege) | Books (1st Dibs) | Blanket (Niki Jones) | Coffee (Bialetti)


  1. A lovely, warm, and thoughtful list. It gives me a sense of who Jane is, and makes me want to spend time getting to know her via her blog. Pretty pictures.

  2. Sometimes pictures are richer than words. I love the list.

  3. Thank you so much for having me here today!

  4. Those Lanvin flats would be mine if it wasn't for the price tag.

    Wonderful, wonderful collection Jane! And I'd have to agree with your words as well.

  5. It's great that all of the top 10 lists so far have had books on them!

    and ISIS Jane, I love my little bialetti, too!

  6. wow, what a wonderfully compiled list. i'm off to go visit her blog, thanks jane. xo

  7. Ah yes, simple pleasures. Jo Malone and Laura Mercier are always welcome in my home.

  8. What a lovely list. Can't wait to visit Jane's blog and learn more about her. You know I want the flower arrangement!

  9. Hi Jane,

    I enjoyed reading Jane's list!I thought it was yours at first :-)

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  10. Jen,Once you visit ISIS you'll never turn back.

    Shelley, I know, before Jane I never would have considered a pink yoga mat, now I'm pining.

    Jane, Thank you for such a beautiful list. You have struck a cord with many.

    Hila, I know, Jane should sell a lottery ticket with every post, we all wants what she finds we just need the money!

    Meg, You're right, the common thread. We have to get Jane a hound.

    Janet, Bet you're still in Toronto reading, right?

    Have you found a Sunday morning post yet?

    Denise,Mine too. Laura Mercier is blushing and moisturizing my face even as we speak.

    Webb, Another year and you'll be doing flowers like that!

    Madelief. It could be mine if only I could write that well and use my photo shop!

  11. Such pretty things...makes me want to check out her blog.

  12. Annie, you will be there for hours if you do!!!!
    I have just come back and my mind is going every which way after reading her posts!
    Jane stretched me, she made me think I like that so thank you Jane for introducing me to Jane!!!!!!!

  13. Nice one, Jane. I'll have to make an early trip to Nadege one morning for one of their Pain au chocolats!