Monday, February 6, 2012

The Laziest Blogger

I"ve been trying out for the Laziest Blogger Award.  To be in the running all you have to do is stop posting.

You still have to be involved in blog worthy activities: cooking, reading piles of books and magazines, scattering fresh flowers throughout your house and redecorating. Apparently steam cleaning is hot.

I don't know whether to blame my inertia on February itself, the lingering traces of my cold, or my new ability to relax.

3 and a 1/2 months of not smoking has allowed me to linger longer in bed on my days off.  For years, rain or shine, I was up around 6:00am, dripping the espresso inside and lighting up my first non filter cigarette of the day outside.

Without my body screaming for nicotine I sleep till 7:30 or 8:00, and upon awakening bring my coffee back to bed and allow myself an half hour or more of reading, relaxing and just lazing about.

And with the dog fully recuperated from her surgery I can enjoy a big lump of fragrant fur curled up and snoring on my feet.

You may have been wondering how the elf is doing.  We missed out on seeing him for 2 weeks due to my cold and then his parents'.  Finally last Friday we met and went out for sushi.

Two weeks are a long time in a newborns development.

He's grown a mustache! 


xoxo jane


  1. Lazing about sounds like a great idea. I will try and emulate.

    The mustache is very becoming, gives him a certain Je ne sais quoi!

  2. The little bean is adorable. I so wish I had one of those in my life! One day...

    Isn't being a non-smoker wonderful? So many advantages. Have you regained your sense of smell? Amazing how it affects one's sense of taste as well. Maybe that's why I put on 10 lbs after quitting?!

    And btw- I think I have outdone you for"laziest" blogger!

  3. I don't think having a few days off from blogging is too bad! And you have some impressive excuses.

    But I'm still reeling in shock and horror at the revelation that you smoked non-filter fags! (Fags being British slang for ciggies/smokes/tabs/coffin nails.....) My goodness woman, I'm so glad you stopped! Otherwise I might have felt compelled to tell you (whether or not you wanted to hear - which you wouldn't - or knew anyway - which you must) about my father, who reaped the truly dreadful consequences......

    Carry on; you're doing fine. x

  4. As a vague February malaise goes it sounds a remarkably happy one (bar the cold)! Keep enjoying your new ability to reeeelaaxxxx!;)

  5. Yes, yes!! I actually spend too much time reading blogs while drinking my coffee in the morning.. it's the sweetest time of the day.
    AND what do you do with ALL of those colored pencils, Jane?

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  7. Here are you so kindly linking to my steam cleaning quest, Jane, and myself here still not managing to string two words together on your set topic. My 10 favourite US presidents wives is the nearest I've got, and that was under the influence of hypnotism. Oh the guilt. Please stay in bed a while longer; a nice person like you deserves it.

  8. Precious baby! Enjoy you time to relax. Bonnie

  9. Enjoy it all while you can. . . .

    before the maddening Valentines Day craziness ensues!

    I'm so proud of you for not smoking...that alone deserves a day in bed to celebrate! :)

  10. Oh my goodness the little tiger has got bigger! He's gorgeous! I love the rose in the bottle. I don't think you have a lazy bone in your body Jane! Have a great week, lazy or not! Love Linda x

  11. Amelia, merci!

    Sue, As I said to Amelia: Merci:)

    Karin, I think you might be ahead of me indeed....I thought I would beat the weight gain but they might be creeping up on me......

    Rachel, I know, I know, who would have thought it would take the imminent arrival of a baby in the family to get me to stub out the smokes.

    He sure was worth it!:)

    RaindropsandDaisies. Isn't he just a hunk?

    Belinda I could enjoy it more if you didn't keep raising the blogging bar with all your homemade breads and plum cakes. just saying...

    Denise, Consider it done!

    Shelley, Not a damn thing, they're GG's I can't even write my name in longhand anymore much less draw a straight line. Dammit.

    Mise, Back in bed as ordered, no steam cleaning going on here. ok, maybe a little guilt.

    Bonnie, I'm about to hit the couch with my book, you all make me feel so virtuous about doing nothing.

    Sarah, oh right, the other shoe. No lollygagging about next Monday, Next Sunday or Tuesday either come to think of it. Ug, I'm off to lie down.

  12. You are so not a lazy blogger--this is a case where quality, not quantity applies. You take your own pictures, write funny, poignant, interesting and thoughtful posts, and you are an all around great gal.

    If Mr. Baby can carry off a mustache at such a tender age, the world is his.

  13. He is so beautiful and growing at a rate of knots!
    I need to emulate your new good habits! xx

  14. No, no, no! I get that award. Still can't get inspired to write much, but I am still reading.

    I really do think I am hibernating - gone back to my mammalian roots somehow.

    Glad you are feeling so well and doing so well quitting. it's a tough thing to do, but you should be over the worst part now. And glad the pooch is doing better. xo

  15. How lovely that you can sleep in just a tad now. The little fellow looks delightful; what a cute mustache binky.

  16. Huge congratulations on the continued non-smoking.

  17. Step it up a gear.

    Valentine's Day is only 1 week away.

    Well done for not smoking though.


  18. Has it been 3 1/2 months already?! That's incredible!!! :-)

  19. Oh your little elf nephew so cute with his moustache!! And I think I am the laziest blogger especially if it involves sorting out photographs for a post - takes me ages and I put it off! Take care and hope you are fully recovered soon! X

  20. the ability to relax...that's a wonderful thing. And that little guy is so cute!

  21. A little down time is a perfect breeding ground for creativity and inspiration- enjoy! x