Sunday, February 19, 2012

Further Feline Adventures

Much laughter and head scratching here on S. Ode Street.

Does anyone remember my story of the cat on the box?

The box was eventually moved up into the attic and the cat moved back into the clothes closet in our room.

It's a very small closet and we have 2 bins that technically hold our shoes off the floor and allow for some dusting and standing room.

In order to get into the back bin and snuggle on top of GG's furry boots , the cat found it necessary to knock 1/2 of my shoes out of the 1st bin and all of the shoes out of the back bin excepting GG's furry boot bed.

Ahhhhhh, sleep.

But then last week she grew tired (?) of the bin and moved to the other side of the closet where a small pile consisting of a sweater and a blouse of mine had grown.  Here she settled.  Ahhhhhh.

This allowed me to move the shoes off the floor and vacuum the closet.  Ahhhh for me.

But about a half hour ago we heard a thumping noise and went into the bedroom to find the sweater and blouse had been moved out of the closet and dumped unceremoniously on the bedroom rug.

By the cat.

How? Why? What does she want from us now?  And why is my shoe in the pile?


For all of you who think ( wink wink) Pokie might be "nesting ", trust me no.  She's about 20 years old, spayed and def been through Menopaws.  Oh my God did I just write that? 


  1. Hi Jane,

    What a funny cat you have :-)!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Madelief x

  2. I think she wants them cleaned. Cats love nothing better than to affix themselves to things that are newly washed.

    Very funny though.

  3. Oh, how funny! It almost sounds as if she is "nesting". Please keep us posted. Bonnie

  4. Bad enough that she has a mind of her own, next she will be rearranging the furniture. Beware. You may soon come home and find she has moved you out.

    Hope you are not getting this white mess today! xoxo

  5. Cats are so kooky and idiosyncratic--yours sounds like a real character.

  6. I was going to say it sounds like nesting too. Do you still only have one cat? xx

  7. Are you by any chance expecting your family to increase?!!!!!!!!

  8. The shoe is too big, she would like a smaller size....and a closet of her own.

  9. I love your cat. Like most cats, ours included, she has a distinctive personality. We had short term custody of my daughter's cocker spaniel a while back, and he did the same thing. And he def wasn't nesting. Sorry, I am as confounded as you are! p.s. Thanks for the hearty laugh at your comment on my blog!

  10. Free entertainment for your mini vacation. If you'd been working, she may have put them back before you came home.

  11. We have lived so long with Maggie who has medical issues, I instantly think, "Oh no, I hope the cat didn't pee on that," when I see a pile of clothes on the floor ... it's just been the way things are around here. On the positive side, this certainly discourages one from throwing one's clothes on the floor.

  12. haha great story jane.. i love cats !

  13. Cosying up for the extra long sleeps that very ancient cats require......

    Hmmm, yes, Menopaws. There's something about writing about cats that gets you saying things you'd really rather not.

    From one who knows....

  14. I have two cats like this. Cats are always nesting, aren't they? (and it has nothing to do with expecting kittens); or redecorating to better suit their needs, which is to have plenty of cozy spots for napping. You can't really argue with their priorities.