Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cats And Dogs And Snow In The Forecast

Well the world famous Lab and her mom are in Connecticut helping to throw a birthday party for The Hai.

I am home alone with only the cat for company and she's worse company than usual. But she still deserves equal billing.

As the light changed she moved back indoors. Apparently her boxwood bower is not winterized..

( Glamor shot of Pokie, subdued lightening and all)

The first several winters after Nika moved in, the cat moved into the attic for the winter. She would come down to eat and to do several vaudeville like starts of surprise upon seeing a DOG.  This went on for months, several times a day.  I'm hungry, feed me, OMG a DOG!

Last winter she moved into our bedroom closet.  Happy to have her near we bought her a comfy bed and padded it with a few pieces of our clothes.  She came out only to eat and freak, because as you guessed, there was a DOG in the house.

This fall she headed straight for our bed.  After several sleepless night (sleepless on our parts) we got a system in place.  Place an extra pillow high on the bed, up against the wall and place a worn piece of clothing on it.  Here she can curl up quite comfortably and purr v. loudly while cleaning herself seemingly all night long.

But then everything changed.  GG put a box on the floor in the dining room.  She'd been sorting papers and this is their storage spot. The box came from the Container Store and is reputed to hold up to 200 lbs. of weight on its lid.  200 lbs. and a tiny cat who only moves from the box to eat.  She is there when I go to bed at night and there when I get up in the morning.

Tonight I went  out after work with a friend and when I got home she met me at the door and stared and stared and stared out into the night waiting, I realized, for the DOG to come in.

No dog in sight, she yowled, waited to be fed and then went back to the box. Excitement over.

That's it folks, that's all I've got. A cat, no hat and a box. It's a glamorous life but somebody has to lead it.


  1. Love the kitty, love your writing, mostly love that she misses the dog!


  2. Cats and boxes are MADE for each other. (How funny that we both featured this today.)

  3. Sweet puss-cat, needs company, or a box...

  4. Nice to see this spotlight on Pokie. It's interesting to see how their behavior patterns change from season to season.

    We're battening down hatches here too. I'm over winter already.

  5. She is a beautiful cat. I loved reading your post. Not only are talented arranging blooms, but also words. How much fun! The story of the "cat with no hat".

  6. You never know, she may make friends with dog. Mine took a long time but she would groom the dog. And now the dogs are gone she waits for them to come home..sad.

    After the dogs died, we let her sleep on our bed, but like your cat, she purred ALL night very loudly. Why do they do that I wonder. Now she is banished to the living room in her leopard print basket with a piece of our worn clothing for extra comfort.

  7. Cats are so strange, especially about boxes. Seeing that our cat loved the box of papers that I was sorting, I fixed up another lovely box with nice soft paper..silly me. xo

  8. I'm a bit phobic about cats - i think because they are so unpredictable. This story is really sweet but it confirms my fears that cats are CCRRRRAAAAZY! :\

  9. Sue, me too! She would never admit it but it's pretty obvious:)

    Hartwood Roses, rushed over to read your post. How funny. We're on the same page. Except you got some cool plants out of the deal.

    Toffeeapple, trouble is she HATES company. But she sure loves that box!

    Steve, Are you getting snow? It's sleeting here. Yuck.

    Bonnie, She thank you. As do I.xo

    Razmataz, I'm so glad you wrote that about your clothing. I felt a little strange telling that part. Either it's normal or we're both weird!

    Sherri B.,Oh, you are a good mom. i tried moving her bed out of the closet but no go. Box or nothing!

  10. Belinda, and so they are. We're terrified of ours. Nika is double terrified!

  11. Oh Jane :-)!! You have one strange cat!!!!

    Wish you good luck tonight!

    Lieve groet & happy Halloween,

    Madelief x

  12. she would come out of the closet to eat and freak.

    that is a priceless line if i ever heard one.


    ps - it's 82 here.

  13. Strange, isn't it, that what we (well, I) love about cats includes traits that we (I) would hate in humans - the selfishness, the refusal to compromise, the utter snootiness when it suits them, the unpredictable attitude towards us and our dogs. Wonderful!

  14. Oh she is so cute Jane - love her subdued lighting shot and I expect she is enjoying having you all to herself and NO dog in the house eithe!! XX

  15. Hello again! Love the glamour shot. just going to try and catch up with all I have missed in your life. xxx

  16. Gotta love a no maintenance cat! (I've tried to post this three times now - I hope it doesn't show up threee times!) Karin
    p.s. It feels cold enough to snow here but we aren't expecting any. Good luck with that. One day in and I'm tired of winter already!

  17. I won't have time to post my flower party entry tomorrow, so it's on my blog now (will post after midnight tonight).

  18. Hi Jane - Your cat sleeps around just like our dog. Our dog will chose the couch for a week, the office for a few nights, the guest bedroom when she feels like it and then the chair in our bedroom. We just never know where she will sleep.