Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For The Love Of Dog

Things I thought I'd never live to see:

A dog bed in my house.  Actually for years a dog was out of the question but then I met and fell in love with the Nika-ness.  Black lab with a dash of pointer and a heavy sprinkling of angel, she stole my heart about 4 years ago and has lived with us happily ever after.

GG found her at a pound in New Haven, surrounded by rottweilers and pit bulls barking, growling and rattling the bars of their cages. One cage was strangely quiet and when GG went to check it out, she found a shivering, 3 month old puppy with a tongue as big as her body and a tail wag that could propel a helicopter.

Thus began a 11 year love affair. 11 dog years remember = 77 human years.

 So,she's not as young as she once was but she's as good once as she ever was.

Well, we hope she will be now that she's been to the vet and has been put on a serious dose of opiates and anti-inflammatory meds to help her survive what looks like a ACL tear.

Next stop, a specialist to see if surgery is necessary.  

To watch GG lift up 70lbs of dog and place her in the truck is to see emotion turned into action.

The love and adoration in both of their eyes brings tears to mine.

If you want encouragement and support :write a blog.

If you want to experience unconditional love: get a dog.

If you want a truly full life: do both.

xo jane


  1. She`s so beautiful, Jane. I hope she doesn`t need surgery.

    I`ll been sending good vibes her way.


  2. I agree with you observations. Keeping your baby in my thoughts. Our pets totally steal our hearts, don't they? Give her a rub between the ears from me and Willie.

  3. What a sweet post. The hardest part is not knowing what they're feeling/thinking. If they could only talk.

    Wishing her well!

  4. Oh, and another thing... I meant to say beautiful photo of a beautiful girl!

  5. Hoping your beloved Nika recovers well.

  6. So sweet...sending good wishes. So true about unconditional love.

  7. Nikka Labby Face! I'm with Steve. That's a beautiful photo.

  8. Jane - Nikka is a beautiful dog and also so lucky to have found you. I love his pointer markings on his paw and chest
    Our dogs have all been rescued. Our last dog, Digger, had ACL surgery on his left leg, when he was 12 yrs. it required a cast and patience and at 59 lbs he had to be carried up and down stairs for a few weeks. He did recover and lived a good long life till 16 yrs. (He was a hound mix)
    Hope Nikka-ness is spared surgery

  9. So sorry Nika is having knee problems and hope she doesn't need surgery, but if she does... you all will find a way to manage. She's a beauty alright.

    A big ole hug to all three of you. xoxo

  10. Sue, tanks, we can feel the vibes in Virginia.

    Bonnie, Rub given and gratefully accepted. She wonders if you have any treats?

    Steve, Nele, er GG, said she was crying at the vets today. Ohhhh.

    Steve, thank you:)

    Terri, Beloved indeed. thank you.

    Annie, appreciating the good wishes. The lab asks you to send something to eat.

    Shelley, Yes, sir, that's my baby.

    Helen, That's an encouraging story. Bet those were several long weeks carrying your dog up and down up and down.

    Labor of love,right?

  11. Tell Nikka, Willie will happily share with her! He is a great care giver as well.

  12. Our Maggie had an injury like that too. We thought that she may need surgery but she eventually got better, not 100% though. It is hard to see them in a bind like that when they tug at our heartstrings so. xo

  13. You all have my sympathy. If you sre looking for a good specialist to take her to I will say that we have nothing but positive things to say about SouthPaws, on Arlington Blvd in Fairfax. Dr. Knockel took care of our little guy, and we will go back there for treatment any time. Keep us posted. Good luck and many belly rubs to the sweet pooch...

  14. My fingers are crossed for your furry angel :-)
    Thanks for taking the time to vote for the aspca thing xo

  15. Do you know this lady?
    She'd agree wholeheartedly with your last sentiments.
    I don't have a dog but love reading about the ones I 'know' by proxy. Hope Nika does well.

  16. Totally agree with you Jane. We'd be quite lost without our Bruno too, even though Brunnel was so anti-dog at first, and the girls and I had to work really hard to get our way.
    Hope your Nika gets well soon.

  17. Jane,I hear you. Tears in my eyes as this reminds me of our Molly who we had for over 15yrs.You really love them and the unconditional love they give back to you.I really hope all goes well at the vets.Sinead xxx

  18. With you all the way, Jane. Sniff sniff sob......

  19. aww best of luck with all !! Xo

  20. My best gal pal Winnie D (terrier mix extraordinaire & 13 in Jan) over the years has torn both knees - both times our vet suggested "not" to have surgery. glucosamine/chondroitin, omega 3/6/9 every day + at least 2 walks each day & she has done remarkable well. No arthritis to speak of and she walks like a very young dog. Best wishes Nika-ness xo Susan & Winnie Dixon

  21. Dear Jane,

    I sincerely hope that Nika will recover. She looks like a very sweet and beautiful dog!

    Take care!

    A big hug from Madelief x

  22. I can feel your love for Nika in your words Jane. What a beautiful angel you have, and I hope she recovers soon.

  23. You know that circling thing they do before they lie down, dogs kind of do that to your heart don't they, round and round and just settle down there and make their home! Thinking of you three heaps and so hoping N is better soonest. Bxx

  24. So sweet! I hope she doesn't need surgery.

  25. Best wishes to you and to Nika. My dog's an old gal too, turning 14 this winter. You do get used to them! Hope all goes well, surgery or not, whatever turns out to be best. I'm sure you'll do the right thing for her.

  26. She looks so comfy in her bed. You are lucky to have each other.